Sooo... apparently Alex Nation calls the paparazzi to take pictures of her and her girlfriend

And she was outed by her colleagues for doing it!

By Katie Stow

We have been loving watching Alex Nation's relationship evolve with her AFL-teammate-turned-girlfriend-and-then-whaddyaknow-fiancé, Maegan Luxa. The two originally met on the pitch and became top notch mates, and then kicked off their relationship (pun intended) before officially going public on the day the same-sex marriage postal vote results came in.

Though she now has pics of her relationship splashed over Instagram, before she went 'gram official, Alex and Maegan had a fair few romantic paparazzi shots taken of them frolicking on a beach in Bali, and flashing their engagement ring on a picturesque Melbourne board walk.

Now, Alex had a bit of a rant on her radio show about her media coverage recently, when she took to Instagram to do a sponsored post for Ponstan (a period pain pill) and got dragged for 'selling out' and shamelessly advertising on Instagram.

Though we initially 100 per cent thought that this was a period pain pill for puppies (because why the heck is the dog promoting it?!), we can see where Alex was coming from with her rant. However, her colleagues and on-air mates at 88.3 Southern FM, Jay Bruno and Foz, were quick to clapback at Alex live on the show, saying:

So, essentially, her co-stars just revealed that Alex tips off the paparazzi herself to get pics of her and her fiancé.

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Hey, we're all for a bit of self-promotion and hustle when it comes to your ~brand~, but we couldn't help but laugh when we heard her getting thrown under the bus by her own colleagues in this hilarious way. Office banter to the MAX!

But seriously, keep these pics coming Alex. We low-key love them and don't want them to stop. Thnx.

Now watch Australia's epic reaction to Alex winning the finale of The Bachelor: