Did Sam Cochrane just reveal The Honey Badger's 'Bachelor' winner?

Spoiler alert!

By Katie Stow

The 2018 season of The Bachelor Australia hasn't even kicked off yet, and it seems that the ending has already been ruined.

We've only seen a glimpse of the girls lined up to compete for The Honey Badger's heart, but one of the ladies who definitely stood out was Cass Wood — a former Miss World Australia finalist, a budding amateur footy player and a goddamn fox.

Because her identity has been revealed so early on in The Bachelor promos this year, we know that she'll be a finalist, but because of some rogue Instagram activity from Sam Cochrane we can pretty much confirm she won't be Nick Cummins' winner.

Sam — who you may remember as the goofy champion of Bachelor in Paradise who popped the question to crowd favourite Tara during the season finale, only to break up a few months after the proposal — is now living his best single life and hitting the party scene HARD.

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He's currently in Bali on a lads trip with fellow BIP-er, Luke McLeod, following both of their public breakups. The two have been chilling in their fancy villas and heading to a bunch of bars — including one where they ran into Cass Wood.

Rather than being chill, Sam filmed himself dancing and having a laugh with Cass and another girl, even tagging the Bachelor contestant in the 'gram:

Because filming will have just finished, and the contestants are meant to be on lock-down/a social media ban, this Insta story is a big no-no in the Bachelor world. Also, as it is tradition for the winning girl and the Bachelor to head off on a private holiday after the show wraps, the fact that Cass is out and about on a girls holiday is pretty much proof that she doesn't win the show.


So, who will be Mrs Honey Badger? Here's everything we know about the girls so far, so you can pick your winner: