Grant claims that Ali was edited on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ to appear better than she actually is

Bitter much, buddy?!

By Katie Stow

It may seem like yonks ago that Bachelor in Paradise wrapped, but it seems that there's still a lot of bitter feelings between the couples that didn't work out, as one hated cast member has come out of the woodwork to throw some major shade.

Grant Kemp 'fell in love' with Ali Oetjen right before our very eyes on BIP, and the two left Paradise as a fully-fledged couple. However, after the cameras stopped rolling it seems shit really hit the fan. Reports surfaced that Ali had flown to the States to be with Grant and that he had asked her for a threesome, so she dumped his ass and fled home ASAP.

Grant was painted as the villain in the coverage, despite his claims that it was Ali that hooked up with a dude while she was staying at his house. But it seems that he's out for revenge now and attempting to turn the tables on Ali — who, as pretty much everyone knows, is looking for love again as The Bachelorette.

Grant spoke to the Daily Mail to say that producers "made her out to be this sweetheart... a wholesome girl that all the guys want," and that she came across much more "wholesome" than she actually is…

He claims that this is because they had a "plan B" all along to recruit Ali as The Bachelorette when her and Grant's relationship eventually fell to shit.

If what Grant is saying is true, should we be expecting the same 'wholesome edit' for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette? We guess we'll just have to wait and see…

Ali was approached for comment, but as she is currently filming The Bachelorette she is unable to make a statement.