See what the Bachelor Australia 2018 contestants looked like before and after the show

Serious glow-ups!

By Katie Stow

The Bachelor Australia 2018 is bringing drama by the bucketload, showcasing stage-five-clingers, hella awkward kisses and so many incomprehensible quotes from The Honey Badger himself. While we're hooked on the chaos going down in the Bachelor mansion, we can't help but want to know more about what the contestants were like before they went on the show.

There's no denying that it's a pretty beautiful line-up of women fighting it out to win Nick Cummins' heart, but before they had a full glam team getting them ready for each cocktail party, what did they look like?

We've had a hunt through each of the contestant's social media to see what they looked like before their time on The Bachelor, and the results have us SHOOK.

Scroll through the best before and afters of this year's Bachelor contestants: