‘The Bachelor Australia’: The one where we kinda fell for Cat

Well this was a surprise.

By Katie Stow

While The Bachelor is meant to be a show for producing the nation's best love story, it's often better known for its glorious villains.

Following in the footsteps of Jen Hawke and Keira Maguire, there were some aggressively large shoes to fill — but being the champion that she is, Cat Henesey, opted to step up to the mark. And boy has she been doing the job well!

She took her first swipe Sophie Tieman, claiming Sophie was dating her ex-boyfriend while being on The Bachelor, before forming the group now known as "The Snakes," comprising of Romy, Alisha and herself.

Watching Cat, as a fully-fledged villain, roll into episode four had us thinking she was about to step up on the sass front, but the girl took a turn for the... best?

This episode saw The Honey Badger take Dasha on a single date before joining up with Osher to host the inaugural Bachelor arrow tag championship — a scene which featured inflatable cubes and foam bow and arrows. Classy.

During the games both Cat and Shannon were put forward as team captains, after having a mini feud at last night's cocktail party (we see you stirring shit, Osher. We see you). While we thought this would be prime villain time for Cat, allowing her to literally take down the enemy, she massively surprised us and was actually a team player.

She was running around grabbing ammo for her team mates, helping other girls out and being an all-round useful lass. And we weren't the only ones to notice, as The Honey Badger himself spotted Cat's good deeds and decided to reward her accordingly with his sweet, sweet time.

She won some one-on-one time with Nick, so they scooted off to a random couch in the middle of a playing field (and it was suddenly dark, because time functions differently in the Bachelor world). The two got pretty cosy and Cat was actually semi-charming.

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They chatted about life and goals and whatnot, but the real winning moment came when they started talking about kissing, and discussing when it's the right time to have a smooch. Nick was pretty firm that he likes to wait it out 'til he goes in for the kill, but Cat responded by smushing her face close to the Badgelor's.

Nick sort of pulled away before kinda giving in and kissing Cat on the cheek, to which she replied with, "Going for the cheek?!" and then later saying, "God I can't believe I leaned into the kiss?!" and "You can't blame a girl for trying".

Legitimately so relatable. We feel you Cat. We've all been there, hyping ourselves up to go in guns blazing hoping to score a kiss even Cinder-fucking-ella would be jealous of. And it's ended in an awkward pull away and a sympatric cheek graze or pat on the sodding head.

It was honestly in this moment, that we came around to Cat.

…Well, other than this glorious slice in time:

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After a comeback episode like this, we now have seriously high hopes for Cat and are praying that she manages to somehow keep the balance between her bitchy blow-outs and gal-next-door so she can stick around for a least a few more weeks.

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