'The Bachelor Australia' 2018: Who is Dasha's ex-husband?

Talkin’ bout a whole lotta history.

By Katie Stow

One of our favourites from the start, Dasha Gaivornoski power walked her way into our lives, debuting on The Bachelor Australia 2018 by wrapping her legs around The Honey Badger's head and doing sit ups on Nick's body.

Since her ~literally~ strong start on the show, she sort of took a back seat in the drama and the romance — only earning one single date with the Bachelor, and it was fishing, so it's fair to say that things didn't really heat up.

On the show Dasha, 32, opened up to Nick Cummins about being a mum, and raising her young son, Leon, in Adelaide after moving from her native Russia. But there's one other part of her history we haven't been privy to on the show so much: Dasha's ex-husband.

Dasha was once married to Pavel Gaivornoski and when the couple relocated to Australia during their years together, they decided to open and co-own a restaurant named 'Sushi Planet'.

The restaurant still seems to be up and running, so we can assume that Pavel runs it alone or the couple sold the joint, as Dasha is now a full-time fitness coach who has her own workout app.

Despite the separate and her current singleness (otherwise why else would she be on The Bachelor?), it seems that Dasha and her ex-husband seem to still get on well and are devoted to both staying in their son's life.

In fact, they are so committed to their kid they even went on holiday to Vietnam together as a family unit!

Dasha captioned this happy holiday snap with the following:

"Despite we went separate ways 3 years ago we are still good friends and most importantly parents to this little 5 year old mister. Hope you all had the best New Year celebrations, we pretty much ate our bodyweight in chocolate (all three are severe serial chocoholics) and had the most relaxing 2 weeks here in Vietnam."

Also, just for context, Dasha looked like this on her vacation with her ex:

We're sure that didn't give him second thoughts on the whole separation thing…