Did Channel 10 just give away the top 4 on ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2018?

Spoilers ahead!

By Katie Stow

Let's be real: We are up to our ears in Bachelor excitement and are gagging to know who Nick Cummins ends up with in the finale — which is rumoured to be a full-blown wedding, BTW.

While we want to know who wins, we don't actually want to know, so when we re-watched the initial promo for this season and came across some serious spoilers, we screamed, shut our eyes and then opened them again to see, because we have zero willpower.

And it's fair to say that The Bachelor Australia itself may have ~accidentally~ revealed the top four contestants — AKA the girls that make it to the home town round.

Now is your last chance to look away if you don't want to know…

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The clip showed raunchy footage (albeit in tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-it clips) of The Honey Badger getting down and dirty with four lucky ladies. Separately, obviously. Don't think like that people…

The first was clearly Sophie Tieman — who is a front-runner with her chilled-out vibes. She can be seen from behind having a hot make-out sesh with Nick.

We think that her hot pool date follows a very chilly single date with The Honey Badger at an ice hockey rink.

Another date that we're yet to see is with Brooke — a lady who clearly has a great connection with Nick, regardless of the fact that there are rumours about her hooking up with fellow Bachie contestant, Jamie Lee.

In this promo, you can clearly see Nick and Brooke sucking face, and the crop of the frame makes them look super naked — but we're pretty sure that they have their swimmers on.

Then there's a horse-riding date that Nick definitely shares with stage-five-clinger-turned-peoples-champion Cass. The two look like they're having the ride of their lives:

Before getting cosy in the barn…

Another gal that can be spotted in the promos is, of course, Brittany. Brittany has been a front-runner from the moment Nick's family wished her a happy birthday on Facebook — sparking rumours that she was the chosen one for this season of The Bachelor.

You can see Brittany here on a date that's yet to be aired, snogging The Honey Badger on a lighthouse balcony.

So does that confirm the top four? There's no footage of Dasha, Emily and Shannon (three of the remaining contestants) that we haven't already seen, so we have a feeling that Cass, Brittany, Sophie and Brooke are our final four!

Now watch Brittany's highlights reel from The Bachelor so far: