‘The Bachelor Australia’ recap: The one with the snogging snake

Romy lunging at Nick’s face is an aggressive vibe.

By Katie Stow

We may only be two episodes into this season of The Bachelor Australia 2018, but BOY are things ramping up! We've now had our first bout of serious bitchy drama coming from the now-certified "snakes" of the series: Cat, Alisha and Romy.

While the photoshoot saw the claws come out of this trio, the real holy-shit moment of this episode was when Romy headed off on her single date with Nick Cummins at his uncle's pizza place.

The two were really hitting it off, and she was even given a rose from the Bachelor, but that was right before she ruined it all with the most awkward kissing scene of all reality TV time.

Romy lunged into the smooch like a lass who knows just what she wants — which, normally, we'd be all for, but this one was a real shocker.

However, in classic Bachelor manner, Romy had zero clue that it was a god-awful snog and proudly stated, "I can't wait to get back to the cocktail party so I can tell the girls that I have kissed Nick".

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Once she was back in the mansion she was quick to spill the deets on her date with The Honey Badger, and she, of course, wouldn't shut up about the goddamn snog.

Just for a visual reminder, this was The Honey Badger's face when she went in for the snog:

Despite the horrific awkwardness, Romy claimed that it was such a chilled out, beautiful, organic moment. "Obviously, we're not in the most organic environment, but it was an organic, authentic kiss. We have real chemistry. It's super real," she said to the other contestants.

Away from the girls, she admitted on camera that she loved pissing them all off. "I was just in my element, really, telling the girls that I kissed him," Romy shared. "I had a lot of daggers being sent my way, but it was also a really good feeling to rub it in."

Really?! We hadn't noticed. Not with you talking about it the whole night and waltzing around with your rose wedged in between your boobs...

We then had our first flash of Shannon freaking the fuck out — which, TBH, gives us serious Alex Nation flash backs. She ran off to the bathroom crying, telling producers that she hadn't felt this much of a connection with someone in a long time, and she was feeling threatened by the other girls because she knows how much they all have to offer.

Was that a dig at Romy and how much she's ~offered~ up to the Badge on their date?

Honestly, we can't wait to watch all of this kick off in the next episode. And with the show teasing an excerpt from Cass' dream journal, you can bet our Bachelor-obsessed selves that we will be tuning in for that shitstorm.