Shannon has her sights set on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and this who she wants to hook up with there

Moving on up.

By Katie Stow

We're getting to the pointy end of The Bachelor which means two things: Nick Cummins is dropping potential Mrs. Honey Badgers left, right and centre and the pool of dumped contestants grows by the day, ready for producers to pluck from for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

We honestly didn't think that the first contestant from Nick's season to admit that they want in on island life would also be the first girl to have a teary heart-to-heart with the Bachelor after missing out on a rose, but Shannon shocked us!

Shannon Baff was brutally dumped on last night's episode, and while she appeared to be devo about it at the time, it seems she's ready to jump back on the dating bandwagon — and she already has her eyes on one particular Bachie boy…

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Find out in our chat below who she's hoping to hook up with in Paradise:

How would you describe your time in the Bachelor mansion?

Once in a lifetime experience! It's not every day you get to experience getting lynched out of a helicopter for a date. Definitely not your normal, everyday situation!

Who were you the closest to in the house?

Probably Tenille and Brooke, and then Cass and I used to jam all the time — you know, play the guitar and have a sing. I love all the girls! We were living together for over two months, so it's like housemates, but more because you're supporting each other.

Is it weird being so close to girls who are dating your man?

Yeah, it was odd. Not a normal circumstance, for sure! We all just all stuck together and didn't let Nick's relationships with anyone come into our friendship circle. We really had each other's backs.

How would you describe your connection with Nick?

Look, our first date was great and you only saw a tiny snippet, but I really, really enjoyed it. I'm not huge on the dating scene, I don't go on a heap of dates, so I was pretty satisfied with that date. But the issue is, you need time to be able to connect with someone like that, and I didn't really get that. I had to work with what I had!

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Do you wish that you had kissed on your first date?

The physical thing is obviously a huge factor. You know, I was bloody top seven and I was the only one who hadn't kissed him. But at the end of the day, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we weren't meant to cross that line. I was meant to go when I did.

Was there ever any pressure from production to kiss Nick on that first date?

Obviously the idea is the in air, but people underestimate how nerve-wracking it is. It was my first date and it was Nick's first date, so we're all very new to this scenario and I didn't want anything to happen unnaturally. I wasn't going to go in for a smooch just because it was the last living time I'd be able to give it a go. I wanted it to be real and natural, so I'm not regretting forcing it at all.

Who do you think has the biggest crush on The Honey Badger?

Oooh, at this stage it's hard to say because all the girls have connected with him in their own way. I think that they've all equally got a crush on Nick!

Even Cass? She seems to be super in love with him. Or is that just a harsh edit?

Of course there's an unfair edit! Being called a bloody stalker took it too far, she's not that at all. I struggled having a first date and not seeing him much, so I can't imagine how she'd feel knowing him before the situation. Mate, I'd go totally batty!

She actually handled it very well, I thought. She's so lovely and has such a sweet nature so it kinda bugs me that she's had that edit.

Who do you think Nick fancies the most?

I'm going to have to say Sophie. He seemed pretty blown away to me when she gave him that whiteboard presentation! She's got the most relatable nature. I would bet on Sophie being the winner.

That's interesting, because a lot of the hype has been around Brittany being the winner. Does Brittany have a strong connection with Nick?

Yeah, I can sense the connection from a mile away! It's interesting watching their dates back. It's a tough one to pick, but Sophie has the last single date with him, so I guess we'll have to see!

Can you walk us through your elimination? It was pretty heartbreaking.

I knew that I wasn't getting a rose, to be honest. I had a good sense of that when Sophie got the date card, because I'm the only one that hasn't had the physical connection with him, so it all lined up. I went in there prepared, but also bloody disappointed.

You said on the show that you wished you had another week — what would you have done if you were given another week?

I think I would have gone batty if I had stayed another week, if I'm honest. It was a bit intense for me. I've come out and realised that obviously Nick and I weren't meant to be, and I'm totally happy with that.

Now you've had a break from filming The Bachelor, would you be tempted to go on Bachelor in Paradise?

Yeah, most certainly! Put me on an island with more than one bloke and I'll be happy!

Who would you want to be in Paradise with you?

Oh that's a tough one — though I wouldn't mind a bit of Apollo, to be honest! He's got so many talents and he's a magician. Wouldn't a love story between us be great?!