Vanessa Sunshine could not give less of a f*ck about ‘The Bachelor’

We’re honestly obsessed with her.

By Katie Stow

The Bachelor Australia may be best known for producing hectic villains and squeaky-clean winning women, but this season we were introduced to a new breed of Bachie gal and, frankly, we're obsessed.

When Vanessa Sunshine walked into our lives, we were unsure, but as the season progressed we fell head-over-heels for the girl that refreshingly refused to fall head-over-heels for the Bachelor.

She was a straight talking, no bullsh*t babe who was not going to be dragged into the drama — despite constant attacks from the likes of Romy, Cat and Alisha. She was real about how little she was attracted to The Honey Badger and when she was sent home she ghosted both Nick and all the other contestants…

…or did she? Cosmopolitan had a hardcore chat with Vanessa Sunshine on exactly what was edited out and just how nasty The Bachelor 'snakes' really are.

How would you describe your time in the Bachelor mansion?

Once-in-a-lifetime experience! For most of it, it was good. I'm a very realistic person, I never went into this thinking we'd all be friends and get along. It's silly to put that many women in a house and expect everything to be fine, so I was just happy to make a couple of friends—and I'm still in touch with those girls.

The whole process was very eye-opening though. I had no idea how much work went into a show like this, and it literally takes a village! I think there were like 150 crew members. I definitely take my hat off to them!

Who were you the closest to in the house?

I was the closest with Dasha and Tenille. There's just one TV in the house that everyone has to share and Tenille and I were the only ones who had similar taste, so we'd stay up late to watch Superman and get up early in the morning to watch Attenborough — because the other girl's weren't into that sort of stuff.

I've kept in touch with more of the girls after the show aired, because no one really knows what's going on with individual interviews and what-not, so now they're watching my interviews play out I had a few of them reach out and say, "Oh my God! I didn't know that was happening to you!" And that's really nice.

Cat, Romy and Alisha aren't coming across well on the show, has that been edited to appear worse than it is?

It is NOT edited, it's really how they were. They are not produced or coerced, they're not being forced to be that way — they really were that awful. I mean, they've even labelled themselves as 'The Tripod' and they're getting called mean girls and villains, and I don't think that's an appropriate title because it glorifies their behaviour.

The way I see it is that Cat, Romy and Alisha get their self-worth, self-validation and self-confidence by belittling, berating and putting other people down.

In my normal life I'm so particular about who I spend my time with and these three are just people I would never associate with. But also, I would NEVER go out of my way to belittle and degrade another human, or go and attack their physical attributes. It's just not nice.

The way they constantly hit below the belt is atrocious. I think they bring out the worst qualities in each other. Whether you like it or not, you pick up the traits of the people you're closest to, and I really think they bounce off each other. Not one is better or worse, they're all as a bad as each other.

Plus, Romy's feminist t-shirt is the most ironic thing ever.

Was there ever any pressure from production to fall for Nick?

Not at all — I wasn't forced to do anything, I was really just myself and they didn't ask me to be anything but that.

Who do you think has the biggest crush on The Honey Badger?

It's such a different environment and everything is on fast-forward, and you do end up thinking that Nick is the only man alive. So I understand that it's easy to fall, but I didn't ever pry about where other girls were at in their relationship with him.

Who do you think Nick fancies the most?

I would be putting my money on Brittany, Sophie or Brooke. They're really sweet girls. But if I had to put a bet on one, I'd have to go for Britt.

If you could give Nick Cummins a makeover, what would you do to old mate Honey Badger?

Shave and a haircut! Shave off the moustache and cut the hair so there's enough to run your fingers through, but there's not excessive hair. Like, he has a lot of hair — you can't even see his ears!

Can you walk us through the elimination? It looked incredibly awkward, so was that actually what went down?

No, it wasn't how it went down! In fact the girls are now messaging me saying, "I'm so angry about the cut," because that wasn't how it happened. I stood there for a couple seconds, but I wasn't a deaf mute for a minute!

I walked up to Nick and I said, "I hope you find who and what you're looking for," and then I said goodbye to all the girls and gave them all a hug — well, except from Romy! — and then I walked off.

Were you mad that they cut all of that out?

Not really, because it seemed to work in my favour!

Here and there, there's going to be some creative editing, and that's fine—you know that going into it. I mean I did technically stand there, just not for that long.

What was Romy's reaction to you not giving her a hug?

I don't know and I don't care.