Producers had to convince contestants to stay after Nick Cummins was revealed as the Bachelor

Real talk: If anyone leaves, we’d like to nominate as tribute.

Another day, another Bachelor drama.

According to a report published by NW, The Bachelor Australia producers had to convince a number of women not to leave the show after Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins was revealed as the leading man.

A source told NW that some of the girls weren't attracted to the Badger. "Nick's not your typical Bachelor — he has a curly mullet, a slug on his top lip and a very distinct ocker accent," the source said. "But that's the beauty of him!"

"They told the girls not to make any rash decisions — to give him a go, and decide after getting to know him properly."

Apparently, producers also told the not-so-sure contestants that if they hung around, they'd be considered for a spot on Bachelor in Paradise for 2019.

Um, are they seeing the same thing we're seeing?

If any spots open up on this season of The Bachelor, we'd like to nominate ourselves as last minute additions. Producers — are you listening?