Australia's 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' couples: Who's still together and who's done?

They found love on national TV.

By Jessica Chandra

For every year since 2013, Australia has been ~blessed~ with a couple that's found love on national television. Yes, we're talking about The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia.

Since we're gearing up for Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins and Ali Oetjen to take on their new roles, we thought it was high time we checked in on all of the couples to emerge from this show. Who's still together, and super loved-up? Who has officially split? And who has unofficially split?

Wonder no more.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich: Married

Australia's OG couple, Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, are still going strong. As strong as can be, in fact - they recently got hitched in the Italian wedding of your dreams.

They dated in the real world, and then eventually moved in together, in Bondi. Tim was constantly asked about when he would pop the question to Anna — especially after Sam Wood beat him to it — but he just kept saying it would happen when everyone least expected it, especially Anna.

And it did!

Blake Garvey and Sam Frost: Split

It will be hard for a Bachelor breakup to top this shemozzle. In case you need a quick reminder, season two's Bachelor, Blake Garvey, proposed to Sam Frost in the South African-set finale of the season. But the week of the finale, media suspected that shit had gone down, because access to Blake and the top three women — Sam, Lisa Hyde and Louise Pillidge — had been cut off.

The morning after the finale, it was revealed that Blake had broken up with Sam in the six weeks between filming and airing, but the real kicker was that he had gone back to Louise, who technically came third.

Blake and Louise dated for a while — she even moved from the Gold Coast to Perth to be with him — but then they split, too, and even did a 'breakup shoot' with a magazine to confirm the news.

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski: Engaged With a Baby

Following that, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski are Australia's best Bachelor success story so far. Just months after the finale of The Bachelor aired in 2015, Sam and Snezana revealed he had proposed while the couple were visiting his hometown in Tasmania. "When you know, you know," Sam wrote on his Instagram post.

Then, in mid-2016, Sam and Snez announced that they had bought a house in Melbourne's Elsternwick for $1.65 million — the perfect home for Snez and her 12-year-old daughter Eve to move into with Sam.

On Mother's Day 2017, Sam and Snez revealed they were expecting their first child, and then Snez gave birth to Willow Wendy Wood on October 8 2017. This means Willow is Australia's first Bachelor baby!

So it's all really good news for the Wood-Markoski household.

Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek: Split

After being unceremoniously dumped by Blake Garvey, Sam Frost got her second chance at reality TV love as the very first star of The Bachelorette. As the woman in charge, Sam planned all the dates on the show until she eventually found love with Sasha Mielczarek, the construction manager from down the coast, and their finale was one of the most emotional of the Aussie franchise.

It seemed like the perfect ending for Sam, but unfortunately it didn't last. Despite buying a puppy together, and even a block of land to build a house along the coast, Sam and Sasha announced just before Christmas 2016 that they had split.

Sam is currently in a relationship with Dave Bashford, who she's been friends with for ages, and Sasha is seemingly single.

Richie Strahan and Alex Nation: Split

Richie Strahan faced some backlash after the finale of The Bachelor in 2016 because he picked Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan, the real estate manager from Perth who became Australia's sweetheart.

Poor Richie and Alex had a bit of a rough trot as Australia's new reality TV couple — it was like they had to keep proving their love.

Over time, people noticed that Richie and Alex were starting to feature less on each other's Instagram accounts, but they hadn't announced they'd split.

Then in August, reports surfaced that Alex had moved on… with a woman named Maegan Luxa, who is on the same female AFL team as her.

Alex and Maegan then announced they were engaged but sadly, the pair split in April.

Although he's always being linked to a bevy of beauties, Richie is single.

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott: Still Together

Georgia Love, a TV reporter who had prioritised her career over a relationship, was cast as the Bachelorette in 2016. After dating a bunch of hot men — including her runner-up, Matty J — Georgia revealed she was in love with Lee Elliott, a tradie/model from Melbourne who loves telling dad jokes (he's pretty good at it).

These two are still madly in love. They've done the big Euro trip together, and have a wedding in their future — oops, not theirs (yet)! At the Cosmo Women of the Year Awards 2017, Georgia told us, "Tomorrow we actually have Lee's sister's wedding, and in March we have my sister's wedding, so we're good for a while."

Matty J and Laura Byrne: Still Together

Matty J and Laura are still loved-up. And it was a pretty smooth transition from The Bachelor into real life for these two, since they both conveniently live in Sydney, just a couple of suburbs away from each other (it seems being geographically-close makes a real difference).

They made their public debut as a couple at the launch of Matty's augmented reality experience at Madame Tussauds in Sydney, and they hang out with each other's friends.

Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy: Split

Despite reports that they had broken up in the time between the filming of the finale and the airing of the finale, Sophie and Stu were still together after the finale had aired on TV, and even asked Jan, a random stranger, to confirm that fact on Sophie's Instagram account.

However, on January 26 — exactly three months after the finale aired on TV — Sophie announced in a heartbreaking statement on Instagram that she and Stu had broken up. "I went into this experience looking to settle down and start a family," she wrote. "I gave it the best shot I could and my intentions were everything I said I was looking for, but unfortunately it just didn't work out." She didn't give any specific reasons for their breakup, just that they are "very different people."