Bachelor in Paradise: Here's the real reason why Ali and Grant broke up

Not so happily ever after.

By Katie Stow

After a hectic season involving a hell of a lot of break-ups, hook-ups and some seriously unexpected couples, we've finally reached the end of Paradise, and BOY has it been a journey.

The grand finale featured the four remaining couples in Paradise: The tumultuous Keira and Jarrod, the unexpected but adorable Tara and Sam, the too-good-looking-for-TV Megan and Jake and the international lovers Ali and Grant. To say the whole of the country was waiting to find out who the hoot proposes at the end is an understatement, because Channel Ten have been promising and promoting this goddamn proposal since day dot.

But now we know! The lucky couple is our beloved Tara and Sam!

Whilst all the couples (bar Megan and Jake who went their separate ways before the final commitment ceremony) decided to say yes to their significant other in Paradise, declaring their undying love for each other and boasted about how they'd found 'The One', it seems that one couple has already split.

(Reminder: Bachelor in Paradise was actually filmed at the end of last year, so it's been a fair while since the couples filmed their final commitment ceremony and a big old gap until we actually got to see it on screen.)

When the final credits rolled up on the screen — whilst we were drying our eyes after sobbing so hard watching Sam get down on one knee — it oh-so casually stated that Ali had gone to L.A to be with Grant, but things had unfortunately not worked out... So Ali has now returned to Australia in preparation of becoming (wait for it...) the next Bachelorette!

To say this was a surprise would be the understatement of the century. Not only have Ali and Grant broken up, but she's also so single and so ready to mingle that she's signed herself up to yet another reality TV dating show!

This made us think that things must have gotten reeeeaal bad between Ali and Grant, and so we did some snooping to figure out what the fuck actually happened?!

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Ali and Grant's love story began when Grant (the American invader) waltzed into Paradise and caught Ali's eye — despite her catching many other guy's eyes, including Michael, Mack and Jarrod.

Things got pretty cosy between Ali and Grant once they had some alone time (even though Grant had just gone on a date with Leah and snogged her face off at the beach). Before we knew it, they were a couple and were limited to minimal screen time due to their drama-free relationship.

However, as more and more single pringles left the island, Ali and Grant got some more camera time, even dropping the L-bomb on the beach during an ~intimate~ moment.

Then we had arrived at the finale, where Ali openly admitted that she wanted a proposal from Grant because she knew that they were going to be together forever. Because Grant has actually proposed on the American version of Bachelor in Paradise before, we thought maybe he would be game too — especially as he was pretty full-on with his feelings for Ali too.

However, he chickened out an offered Ali a fugly 'commitment ring' instead, promising that they would be always be together.


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According to reports published by Woman's Day, the real reason things broke off is because of what went down when Ali got to L.A. Here's what their source had to say:

Also, Keira (who we bloody loved on this series of Bachelor in Paradise, by the way) said that Grant is a straight-up FAKE. "He's as fake as they come. Don't be fooled by his nice guy behaviour. That guy is on a mission, and it's not a nice one. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!"

Perhaps the combination of Grants seedy request and seeing him away from the cameras (and therefore not always showing off his best, showpony self) proved to Ali that he was not her dream man, and she said "See ya, sucker" before she got too settled in the States.

Also, there have been some more reports since the finale aired that Grant was asked by journalists whether he was just with Ali for fame, to which he responded with, "If I was trying to chase fame by dating someone, I wouldn't have dated the girl who hasn't been on TV for years." Burn...

Honestly, we're glad, because if all of this is true, he sounds like a total tool. Much safer to stick in Australia, Ali, and find yourself a nice local bloke. Osher, you reckon you're up for the job?

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