Apollo and Davey from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ work their best pickup lines on each other

Can you guess who was the smoothest pickup artist?

By Astrid Pascoe & Katie Stow
Bachelor In Paradise Apollo Davey Pick Up Lines

If you happened to have an extremely heavy Saturday night and slept through the entirety of Sunday, you will have missed the massively hyped-up premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise Australia. SHAME ON YOUR HUNGOVER ASS.

Whilst you're more than welcome to have a frantic catch-up of the episode before the next one rolls onto our screens, we have some seriously delicious Bachelor in Paradise content for you right here. Why delicious, you say? Well, because we may or may not have recruited two hot-to-trot Bachie boys to sit in front of a camera whilst wearing little to no shirt.

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Yup, Apollo Jackson (from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette) and Davey Lloyd (from Sam Frost's season of The Bachelorette) had a sneaky sesh with Cosmopolitan Australia to talk all things Bachelor in Paradise and what they do to pick up chicks.

…But as we were missing Bachie babes, we thought we'd let the boys show off their skills on each other. And the results = HILARIOUS!

Watch Apollo and Davey chat each other up by watching the video below — but before you press play, place your bets on who cracks into a fit of giggles first.

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