When will 'Bachelor in Paradise Australia' start on TV? We've tried to work it out

Save the non-specific date.

By Jessica Chandra

After five seasons of The Bachelor Australia and three seasons of The Bachelorette Australia, our bodies are ready for something that's same-same but different, which is why we are freaking excited for the first-ever season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia to start.

There are a few things we know for sure about the local spin-off series:

  • Former contestants were whisked away to Mango Bay in Fiji to film the series.
  • The first seven confirmed contestants are Tara Pavlovic, Apollo Jackson, Michael Turnbull, Davey Lloyd, Keira Maguire, Laurina Fleure and Jarrod Woodgate, but paparazzi photos have also shown Leah Costa, Jake Ellis, Megan Marx and Sam Cochrane getting some BIP action.
  • Keira and Jarrod hooked up and have continued their romance in Melbourne, proving that ~dreams do come true~.
  • Oh, and the one and only Osher Günsberg is hosting, of course.

That's all great, but now we're itching to actually watch it.

Channel Ten hasn't confirmed a premiere date, but at their upfront event last year — where they previewed their shows for 2018 — they did say it would air in the first half of the year, giving us a Bachelor fix before The Bachelor and The Bachelorette return later on.

But that's not enough — we need specifics!

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TV stations keep premiere dates close to their chests, but we've done some sleuthing to work out exactly when we think Bachelor in Paradise will air.

Channel Ten has a few major reality shows that they pimp out every year. They start with I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in January, then they have MasterChef, which usually kicks off in May, and then it's Bachelor season from July onwards, and that goes for about three months.

That means there's a gap between I'm a Celebrity and MasterChef, and that's exactly where we think Bachelor in Paradise will go.

Over the past three years, I'm a Celebrity has finished in mid-March, so that's probably when Bachelor in Paradise will start.

That gives the show almost two months to air — which sounds about right — before MasterChef starts in early May.

So as per our predictions:

  • Bachelor in Paradise premiere: Mid-March.
  • Bachelor in Paradise finale: Late April or early May.

We've got a good feeling about this, and yet we could be totally wrong. Channel Ten could go rogue and just start airing Bachelor in Paradise in February for all we know!