‘Bachelor in Paradise’ boys Blake and Mack spill the goss on what’s really going down on that island…

Turns out Blake had a full meltdown over his feelings for Megan.

By Katie Stow

Things may be heating up in Fiji for the single contestants on Bachelor in Paradise at the moment, with new couples forming every week, breakups happening far too regularly and a pretty hectic American invasion that just seriously stirred shit up. But the painful reality of BIP is that with every rose ceremony, we have to wave goodbye to the rejected singletons as they are forced to leave the island and go home alone. RIP optimism about falling in love on a tropical island in front of a truck load of cameras

This week saw us bidding farewell to Douchey Daniel (the imported Canadian who was supposedly there to 'steal our women'), Blake Colman (who now owns the intellectual rights to the name 'Lenora') and lovely little Mackane 'Mack' Reid (who tried it on with almost all the blondes in Paradise).

Following the airing of the rose ceremony where they were ditched, we got to catch up with Blake and Mack to find out all the goss from their time in Paradise, from which lady they both fancy to what's actually going on with Luke and Lisa…

How are you both feeling post-Bachelor in Paradise?

Blake: Kinda feeling good, but then kind of wishing I was still in paradise. It was pretty gnarly when old mate dickhead came in…

How did the BIP camp feel about the American invasion?

Blake: On my behalf, I was really good friends with Grant, and Jared is a really nice guy, and then Dan was just there to ruffle some feathers, and take advantage of the girls.

During the rose ceremony, was there genuine fear that Daniel would stay?

Blake: Yeah, even though I left, I was going at the same time as Dan. I mean, he was going around thinking that everyone was going to give him a rose — so don't count your chickens before they hatch!

Mack: Look, for me it was probably a little different to Blake, because I love to meet new people, so I was like, 'Great! Excellent! New people to meet!' I take everyone at face value, and they were fine to me, but what I was relayed by the boys is that — are we calling him 'Douche Dan'?! — was saying some pretty inappropriate things. I think one of his quotes was 'I'm going to take all your girls'?! Yeah, that didn't sit well with me. But apart from that, they were pretty good.

Even with Grant taking Ali from you?

Mack: [Laughs] Yeah, that was a bitter pill to swallow — especially as Ali embracing Grant on the beach only metres away from my face, so that was pretty hard to see. But that's understandable. She had more of a connection with him, and he seems like a lovely guy. It did bother me, but not because I had any beef with him at all.

But didn't it seem a bit harsh for Ali to say she was saving her first Paradise kiss for someone she could really see a proper future with, and then two seconds later be snogging Grant?

Mack: [Laughs] I've actually only seen five minutes of the last episode and haven't watched the last two. I will catch up, but I've just been a busy man! But I thought Ali was great. She didn't pick me at the end of the day because she didn't feel like there was a spark there, and that's entirely understandable. That's okay. That's good.

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Are you two happy with how you've been edited on the show?

Mack: From the feedback I've been getting from family, friends and followers on social media, it's quite refreshing! A lot of people are saying really kind things about me — 100 per cent of it has been positive, absolutely no negatives. Which is better than the last experience [on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette] where I think I was portrayed as a nervous, awkward, blubbering mess. Actually one of the reasons why I did this Bachelor in Paradise experience was to change that perception that I had. But I think that, yes, it has been quite favourable to me!

Blake: I think overall it was good for everyone to see me as a person — even though Mack tried to fire me up a few times and bring the old villain status back! There was so much content that happened that I wish had aired, but overall it was such a good experience and I would definitely do it again.

Blake, I have to ask, did you really not know Laurina's name?!

Blake: I was sick as a dog and was in bed heaps, and the med team came to see me and gave me a whole load of 'goodies', so when it came to the cocktail party, I wasn't really there for that long and then the rose ceremony happened and I almost passed out! We had to stop filming for me to take a break, and then they called me up. You can sort of see when I say 'Lenora' — which is actually a really nice name — like my face just wasn't there.

Blake: So at the end of the day we had a really good lol about it because it was pretty funny. But Laurina got her revenge when I told her she could do whatever she wanted in the morning, and she was like, 'Okay, well I'm going to braid your hair'.

Leaving us with this delight…

The preview for the next episode seems to hint that Laurina is going to leave of her own accord.

Blake: When you actually spend time with Laurina, she's a very individual, very spiritual person and she doesn't really like being told what to do. She likes to do everything on her own accord, and that's what makes her Laurina. So I think if she didn't want to be pushed or pressed into taking someone on a date when there wasn't really anyone there she wanted. It's a hard thing, but hats off to her for taking a stand, I suppose.

Mack, do you have any regrets about picking Ali over Leah?

Mack: I do regret it because it went against my values and morals. My loyalty was to Leah. I think that she was unfairly edited, and we're still very good friends from the experience. But yeah, if I had my time again, I would have given my rose to Leah. And I think maybe things could have eventuated as well! I think she got the raw end of the deal with her edit. She said a few bad things to me that were aired, but the good things she was saying to me weren't aired. I think we were getting somewhere and I was convinced by a few people that she didn't like me — hence why I gave my rose to Ali.

Are you still in touch with Leah?

Mack: Oh yeah. We contact one another regularly — maybe once or twice a week. Yeah we talk a lot.

So you've seen her recent Instagram story of her on a date and flashing a potential engagement ring?

Mack: I think that's all a media beat up, to be perfectly honest. I think that's all crap. I know her current situation and I think it's a little too soon. I can't really comment, but I don't think that there's any truth to that.

So if you both had your time in Paradise again, who would you have gone for?

Blake: 100 per cent Megan. I don't know whether you saw my Instagram, but me and her spent a lot of time together, and in my interviews the next day after I left the resort I just broke down because I didn't realise how much I liked her. I couldn't actually speak the whole day. I had to regroup. I just started talking about her and then I broke down because she's a super chick. I've never met a girl that's super chill and on the exact same level for a long time. I would have broke it off with 'Lenora' [laughs] straight off and gone for her.

The juicy part of the caption reads: "The good times i spent with @megan.leto.marx , i have never felt what i felt when we hung out and i want to thank you for showing me how to truly love another person again, i know you had a tough decision and although i broke down in my next day interviews because i missed you already, i totally respect your choice because i know Jakey will def make you happy as he is such a legend of a man."

Would that have gone against the Bachelor in Paradise 'bro code'?

Blake: Jake is one of my best mates, but we're there for one reason. They were very fresh, they had just started. Megan and I are very good friends now, we kinda all keep in contact.

And who would have you chosen if you had your time in Paradise again, Mack?

Mack: I would actually say the same thing! I had a really good time with Megs, with her being a Western Australian girl. Again, it wasn't shown on camera, but Megan and I had some really great conversations, some really intelligent conversations — probably the best out of all. Like Leah and I were sort of matey, Ali and I were very emotional, but with Megs, her and I had some really intelligent conversations because she's a very articulate, intelligent woman. She lives in Western Australia as well! So, if I had my time again, and if I had a date card, I would have taken her.

Mack: You can't really encroach on anyone else's territory though, like we talked about going against the 'bro code', but I would have loved to get to know Nina more — and Nina and I are still in contact quite a lot of the time. But it was pretty obvious from the outset, from the very start — and I arrived on the first day! — that Eden was really keen on Nina. So I was like, do I really want to push the boundaries there? Probably not.

Leah was the best option. I find Leah very attractive anyway. But Nina I would have loved to get to know more, on a more intimate level, because she's a cool chick. I absolute adore her and I'm very attracted to her personality.

Out of all the couples on Bachelor in Paradise, who do you think will actually last?

Mack: You can see that Sammy and Tara just have that similar energy, similar sense of humour — but they're both such funny individuals, and they just bounce off each other. It's a match made in heaven!

Also I can see Jarrod and Keira going really well, I think they are very well suited for one another. They've both shown interest in one another, so I think that's good. And Luke and Lisa seem to be, again, on a similar energy level. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that they go well.

Blake: The funny thing about Tara and Sammy — because I was really good mates with both of them before the show — I was talking to them and Tara was like, 'Sammy is such a dick, I'll never be interested in him.' But then there was that one day that Michael goes on a date with Keira, and I'm just sitting back and I see like two little toddlers running around with each other, and I was like, 'I have a feeling these guys are falling in love and they don't even know it.'

Blake: Just to see their banter and who they are as people, have made it go from not thinking that anything was going to happen at all, to falling for each other, it's pretty cool to watch.

Mack, you mentioned Luke and Lisa going well, but there has been a few reports that things don't end well with group chats being leaked and whatnot.

Mack: Yeah, that's pretty unfortunate, that's not good at all.

Blake: That photo looked like it was Photoshopped anyway, so it's probably BS. I bet someone from Daily Mail did it in their spare time.

Mack: I'm pretty unhappy how that's been portrayed, to be honest. It's really unfair that it's been published as that should have been between them. When something like that happens, it really shouldn't come out in the media — but I'm pretty opinionated about that. Luke is a very, very, very good friend of mine, I'm very close with him and in regular contact, so I don't think it's fair on him.

You can see all the published screenshots here:

Out of all the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise — minus Douchey Daniel — who do you think is the fakest? Who's in there for publicity rather than for falling in love?

Blake: Everyone has that stigma with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but we already knew each other and were friends. I don't know, everyone was so emotional when it came to who would get a rose and no one ever talked about what they wanted to do in the outside world — it was all inside focussed on finding the perfect person.

Mack: Apart from Douchey Dan, is anyone in there for publicity? Nah, not really. We all had a really good friendship — it was like a little Bachie family really, so I think all the connections there are genuine and the majority of people were there to actually find someone.

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