'Bachelor in Paradise' Australia: The confirmed contestants looking for love (again)

The gang's all here!

By Jessica Chandra

UPDATE: Channel Ten has confirmed the first six contestants on Bachelor in Paradise Australia! At their annual upfronts event in November, which previewed their programming schedule for 2018, the network finally revealed which people have officially said yes to another shot of love on TV.

They also confirmed that Bachelor in Paradise will air in the first half of the year.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other contestants have been papped on the Fiji set of the show or have appeared in promos, which confirms their participation.

Check it out below (after the video)!

ORIGINAL STORY: In the most exciting Bachelor-related news we've heard in, well, ages, Channel Ten and Warner Bros. confirmed that Australia will get its first Bachelor in Paradise spin-off series in 2018!

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It's about time, too: we've had five seasons of The Bachelor Australia and are currently watching the third season of The Bachelorette Australia, so there are heaps of Bachelor rejects contestants for the producers to choose from.

We have already revealed our ~dream line-up~ of contestants, but there's a huge difference between who we want to see on the show, and who will actually do it.

Then again, we can't imagine many of them saying no to the opportunity to hook up with other past contestants on some tropical island… They practically all know each other anyway!

We can probs rule out the winners who are still together for now, unless they want to spice up their relationships.

Here are the contestants who are confirmed to be on the show, whether it's been officially announced or they've been spotted on set or in promos.

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