Davey from 'Bachelor in Paradise' says there's a Tara and Michael romance brewing

We just haven’t really seen it.

By Jessica Chandra
Davey Lloyd on Bachelor in Paradise

Davey Lloyd didn't last on Bachelor in Paradise for very long, but he definitely made an ~impact~ in his short time there. Davey, who first appeared on Sam Frost's season of The Bachelorette — you could call him one of the OGs — got caught up in the series' first love triangle/love square, which also included his buddy, Jake Ellis, his crush, Florence Moerenhout, and Leah Costa.

Upon reflection, Davey knows he stuffed up, and that he should have taken Florence on the first single date instead of Leah. However, Davey is also a huge proponent of the Bro Code, so he took Leah because he didn't want to get between Jake and Florence. It seemed like the ~noble~ thing to do — until Jake broke the Bro Code right in front of him, and chose Florence for his single date. Can you say 'drama'?

Cosmo caught up with Davey this morning to chat about what he'd do differently and which other couples seemed like they were going steady by the time he left.

How long were you in Fiji for in total?

Well, I think before you actually go on Bachelor in Paradise I was there for four or five days, so not long. But then I was only filming for three days.

Do you feel like you still had a decent amount of time there?

Yes, I do. I think things happen for a reason. I'm glad it was portrayed the way that it was. Although it didn't work out with Flo, I'm happy with my decision and I respect her decision as well.

You are like the president of the Bro Code. How did it feel to have Jake break that right in front of you?

[Laughs] Well, I mean… it's hard. I'm almost about to give up on the Bro Code — it really backfires most of the time, doesn't it? I've gotta start putting myself first. It's just not healthy.

What is it they say about nice guys finishing last?

Exactly. But at least a nice guy finished first this time — he got kicked out straight away!

Any hard feelings towards Jake after this experience?

No, not one bit. We spoke last night. We knew where it was at. It was a terrible situation that no one wants to be in. there's no hard feelings whatsoever.

You guys must have known going into it that this was a possibility.

Most definitely. You've gotta take the risk and gamble. It obviously didn't pay off for me, but in the same way it did, because I still met some amazing people over there and I've formed some really great friendships.

What's your relationship with Florence like now?

It's fine! It's completely fine. We still speak and stuff. It's all good.

What was your intention with choosing Leah for your first date?

Well, look, I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say I didn't want to spend a little bit of time with Leah, but getting the date card, she was literally sitting next to Flo, and there was Jake there as well. I couldn't just grab Flo over Jake. So that was my intention with Leah. But it obviously wasn't the smartest decision.

What was the vibe on that date like?

There was a lot of pressure because it was the first season of it, and the very first date. It was OK. I just knew, though, after spending a little bit of time with her that she was just gonna be a friend. But obviously you have to try and keep the spark there during a date, so you can't let it fail.

How did you feel when Leah described your kiss as "half-arsed"?

Well, it kinda was! There was a lot of pressure. It's a first date, you have to kiss… it was half-arsed, yeah. But a kiss is still a kiss.

How did Leah and Mack become a thing?

Because the next day I was certain that Flo was the one I should've gone for from the start, I actually spoke to Mack, "I just want you to know, all guns blazing, I made a mistake. Go for gold because I need to focus on Flo." I know it looks like I've jumped ship, but if I knew something wasn't right I had to change my mind straight away.

So Mack has been keen on Leah from the start?

Yeah, he was. And he's a really good dude.

Did Paradise have any impact on friendships you already had going into the show?

I had friends, like Michael, obviously, but he lives in Brisbane, so I only get to see him every now and then. Spending time with him, we definitely bonded a lot more and our friendship's grown a lot. With Jake, it was obviously a bit tense, but it's still the same as it always is. And I'm best friends with Tara now as well, so I really enjoyed my time there.

Did you get caught up in the whole 'is Brett single or not?' drama?

No, I had my own stuff to battle with. I kind of steered clear of that.

Who seemed like they were going steady by the time you left?

When I was there, Nina and Eden, Michael and Tara, and Sammy and Keira. And Luke and Lisa, obviously.

So far, I haven't sensed many romantic vibes between Tara and Michael. Is that just something we haven't been shown?

Yeah, I think a lot of the stuff you've been seeing was surrounding myself, Jake and Flo. There was other stuff behind the scenes that didn't get aired. That's probably going to come up in the next episode.

Sam and Keira is interesting as well… I guess you left before Jarrod arrived.

I got back to the hotel as Jarrod was leaving to the island. It was one-in-one-out.

Were you like, 'Oh yay, I'm being replaced by Jarrod.' Just kidding!

[Laughs] You know what? I was sort of like, 'He might be a bit sketchy, I don't know.' When we did Family Feud, that was the first time I met him and Apollo. Jarrod was actually a lovely guy. He is awkward, but that's just raw emotion. I think he's just a genuine dude and I can't wait for Australia to see that.

If you could do things over, would you do things differently?

Yeah. Now I probably would, but… Look, I've done it the first time and I made my mistake. If I was to do it again, now, I would be looking after myself first.

Davey, I read in a report about 'things you won't see on TV' an interesting story involving you and a kettle

Yeah, that's a bit of poppycock. You don't have any social media, so you bring out the guitar. We were just singing a song, and I got a bit bored, so I started singing something about a kettle. It was nothing in action that I did. The people are obviously gonna talk gibberish and that. If you're gonna write a story about that, like grow up.

It feels like the producers are breaking the fourth wall a lot more on this show. Is that something you noticed while you were filming?

Uh, definitely. The producers are always there in the background. Actually, it was exactly the same. I think you just noticed more of them on the island because you're all together in the daylight, and usually when you go on dates on The Bachelor it's quite dark, so you can't see many of them. And you've got more time to relax, so you can take in everything around you.

If there's another season of Bachelor in Paradise in the future and you're still single, would you do it again?

Depending on the timing — and I mean, how many dating shows can I go on? They do say third time's a charm, but I don't know. It all depends on the timing of my life and how I am. So I'm not going to say yes, but I'm not going to say no.

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