Elora dishes the dirt on Simone from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and reveals who she’s moved on with now

Simone, I think, is very insecure and very selfish.

By Katie Stow

Bachelor in Paradise saw a mass exodus of hopeful singles last night in the final rose ceremony — losing Florence and Elora after they didn't receive a rose. Then old mate Osher encouraged the remaining couples to think long and hard about staying in Paradise for the final days of the show, triggering Apollo and Simone to see if they could make it on the outside, and forcing Rachel and Thomas to admit that there wasn't really much to work with, causing a split and a tearful goodbye.

Emotions were running high last night, and it certainly seemed like the most ~real~ the contestants had been about their feelings. But to make sure we had the whole picture, we chatted to Elora to see what really went down last night, and what's happened to them since they left the hectic island.

For context, Elora came into Paradise a little late, arriving when quite a few couples were already established. That being said, she managed to unintentionally break up Eden and Nina when Eden started to get the hots for the new arrival. When they went on a date together, Elora made it pretty damn clear that there were no sparks between them — particularly because she had her eyes (and heart) well and truly set on Apollo.

However, the greek god himself was already semi-taken by Simone, and due to Simone and Elora's feisty friendship (the two are more frenemies than anything else) things got hella catty between the two. There was jealously, there were tears and there was evening the spilling of a saucy secret that Simone had shagged fellow Bachie boy, Courtney Dober, on Elora's sofa. WOAH.

Elora was sent home after Apollo gave his rose to Simone last night, so now Elora is a free agent! Or so we thought…

Here, we catch up with the gorgeous fire dancer to see what really went down in Paradise.

How would you describe your time in Paradise?

My time in *Paradise was very well spent, I think. I was definitely challenged and I had a really hard time in the beginning, but I got very comfortable and made friends. People developed a respect for me. So even though I didn't find love or develop any romantic kind of relationship, I was still able to develop very good friendships.

What are your real opinions on Simone?

Simone, I think, is very insecure and very selfish. I'm not saying that she stole my man, as I never thought she stole him, but I do think that she should have been a little more fair about understanding that we were playing a game… of getting to know people. So she should have just been more open to the idea of Apollo talking to other girls and getting to know other girls. You know, letting him make the decision on who he was going to be into — instead of being so dramatic and aggressive towards anyone that came in.

Is your friendship with her ruined?

Yeah. I mean, my friendship with her was never really… it was ruined before we went into Paradise. I had a run-in with her in Sydney where I got to see what type of friend she really was. We had sort of fixed things before Paradise, but really we didn't, so I tried to do my best inside there but she was just really didn't want to talk. She runs away from a lot of problems because she's just very tempered. So yeah, it was done before we went into Paradise, I tried to fix it, but now seeing everything that she's said about me on TV, there's definitely no going back.

Has she reached out to you to apologise?

No. She would never. She would never be the bigger person.

How do you feel about Apollo now?

I've always thought that Apollo was a really nice guy. He's really nice and he knows where he's going. I think he's a great guy. I'm not sure if he would have been really right for me — I have no idea!

But now I have met my 'one', my man that I'm with right now is the perfect match for me, so putting Apollo next to him now, it's a bit different. Now I feel like I've found what I've been looking for, and I think there's a reason why nothing happened in Paradise for me.

Congratulations! Is this new guy a member of the Bachelor family?

Oh no! He is not a reality TV guy AT ALL. He's just a Neapolitan man, and he is not at all into TV or this world. [Laughs]

So has he been watching the show?

Umm, yeah, on and off! You know, it's already hard for me to watch it, and so I can have a hard time discussing it with him. I feel overwhelmed with everything, and having to watch it and be hurt by it, I wouldn't want to worry about someone else next to me being hurt. So I've been kind of doing this on my own, to be honest.

He's very supportive though. He's with me all the time, on Instagram, telling me that I need to love my fans and send them messages of love and focussing on the positive. He's really good. But as far as the episodes, I'm not sure that he would be completely comfortable watching them.

What are your thoughts on Apollo's chat with Simone after you left Paradise?

To be honest, I'm very upset with the way everything was emphasised last night on the episode. Apollo and I were waiting for fire toys for a while, and we had asked producers to bring them on. We were really, really excited about them. We were waiting and wanting to surprise Paradise with them. We're performers so this is what we wanted to do for everyone. But it just so happened that they arrived right at the end of the cocktail party, right before I was about it leave.

So I knew that I wasn't going to get a rose from anyone, so that's why I was trying to hustle Jared — not to spark any feelings, but just to stay with our friends in Paradise. Had Simone not made such a big deal out of it, had she been supportive of Apollo — because Apollo wanted to do the show for her, and he was really proud to show that to her — and she just didn't show up. So had she been supportive to Apollo and to me, her friend, then she would have come and been supportive. But instead, she just wanted to make a big deal out of it and it turned into something dark. Apollo felt bad, I felt bad, and I hate the way it's portrayed right now.

Do you think that Apollo was trying to break up with Simone during that chat?

Well, to be honest, if you're really falling in love with someone, and finally the girl of your dreams… Look, if things were how they seemed on screen—that I was always trying to get in the middle—then once I was out of the picture they should have been happy to stay in Paradise. You know, it's a beautiful island, you have your friends there, why leave?

Were you happy with your edit on Bachelor in Paradise?

No. You can't really see me talk any dirt, the only thing I do is that I stand for what I want. Like, Apollo walks in and I want to meet him, but I wasn't able to get to do that, and then nobody else came in, and I think I came in a little bit too late. So, I don't really like how desperate they made me look over Apollo. But, at the end of the day, anybody can ask Apollo if he felt like I was really pushy or trying too hard, but the moment he chose Simone, I accepted it and was friends with both of them! In the pictures that I received from Warner Brothers, you see us hanging out, I was talking to Simone, I was sitting next to her sometimes. If I was maliciously trying to steal her man, she's so angry all the time, she would never sit next to me, or cuddle me, or anything.
I feel like when you fall in love on the show you look beautiful and it's all violins in the background, but when you don't fall in love, I feel like I was made a fool of. It's just a bit intense to watch.

Who do you think is the fakest couple in Paradise?

I think that they're all going to make it. They're really intense. Jake and Megan were definitely challenged and always chose each other in the end. Keira and Jarrod are inseparable. Grant and Ali fell in love right away, and they're beautiful to watch. With Tara and Sam, I don't really see them being without each other, to be honest.

Who do you wish was in Paradise who never came?

Not really. I wasn't too familiar with people from the previous seasons, so I only knew of Jake, Luke and Apollo really.

I know that you're now in a couple, but hypothetically, would you ever go on a reality TV dating show again?

If I was single, maybe. But, to be honest, right now I'm really bitter about it and I don't know how much more I can take of this. It was really hard to watch because you feel like you walk out of this amazing experience — I had a smile from ear to ear — and I was very happy, but now watching it, it hurt my feelings to see how many terrible things Simone said, and even Keira with her comment. It's just a little too hard for me.

Do you have any regrets over your time in Paradise?

I wish I had gone in a little bit earlier. But I don't have any regrets really. Perhaps I focussed my attention on Simone just a little bit too much. I was trying too hard to fix things in the beginning, and Megan and Ali kept telling me to stop worrying about it and trying so much. So yeah, I think I spent too much of my time caring about Simone.

Who do you think proposes at the end of Paradise?

I think Jarrod and Keira! They're the same people, they're very similar.

Do you think she'll move to the vineyard if he proposes?

[Laughs] I would! Wine everywhere?! YES!

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