Here's what Elora and Simone were fighting about on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Maybe they should stop going for the same guy?

By Jessica Chandra

The most important thing happened on last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the one thing fans had been waiting for the entire season: Apollo Jackson arrived in Fiji!

The Greek god-like contestant, who everyone fell in love with on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette last year, got a huge reception when he joined the other rejects bachelors and bachelorettes. It was pretty smart of Channel Ten to hold out on us.

Apollo's arrival also stirred some drama between Elora Murger and Simone Ormesher, two contestants from Matty J's season of The Bachelor. Y'see, Elora and Simone were best friends on Matty's season, but based on what we've seen of their relationship in Fiji, things have changed.

When Apollo came, the tension was dialled up. Elora had been telling everyone that the person she was looking forward to seeing — and trying to hook up with — was Apollo, even before it was confirmed he would be joining the group. Then she got whisked away on a date by Eden Schwencke — who gave her his rose at the rose ceremony, totally blindsiding Nina Rolleston — which proved to Elora that she wasn't attracted to him. (Note to Eden: maybe don't throw food at the girl you're trying to woo. Just an idea.)

While Elora was off on her weird food date with Eden, Apollo arrived with a date card in his hand. He chatted to a couple of the girls to work out who he should take, and ultimately decided to take Simone. When Elora got back from her date with Eden, she was furious to learn that she hadn't been there for him to consider — and that Simone had said yes, even though she knew how Elora felt about Apollo.

Towards the end of the episode — this was after Apollo and Simone's date — the real reason for Elora and Simone's fallout came to light. While Elora, Jake and Michael were chatting, Michael said to Elora, "Just so you know, what's been circulating with the group: apparently she liked a guy, you went to a club or whatever, you turned up and all of a sudden you started hitting on the guy and said, 'May the best girl win,' or something like that."

Elora clarified her side of the story. "Her and I went to the event together. We ran into this guy, and everybody knew that he was my crush from the Bachelorette season. What happened was that he was flirting with her next to me. It doesn't matter who it was. It was something I was interested in, but not someone I was willing to fight for."

Then Elora pulled Simone away for a chat, and this is when they really got into it.

"When I came in here, I told nobody about what really happened between us," Elora said. "But they're saying that you came in here and you said that you and I had a problem with a guy we were both going for, and that we had a problem on the outside, that I apparently showed up at this bar, and you were getting with this guy…"

"No, we were at the Maxim party," Simone corrected her. "I'm not even going to go there with you. I'm still pissed off about it."

Simone then said into her piece-to-camera: "This guy, that we previously liked, didn't like her, [he] liked me. And she didn't like it. And I feel like it's repeating again with Apollo."

Simone kept saying to Elora, "I haven't done anything wrong here," as she got up and walked away.

Then Elora said her piece to camera: "It's easy for Simone to say it was a guy problem because saying the truth of why we had a fight is not gonna make her look good."

And then Elora dropped the bombshell: "Had I had a problem with you fucking Courtney on my couch — I would have stopped it by the way."


Here's what we gather happened from the multiple conversations that took place on last night's episode. Elora and Simone both attended a Maxim party last year, which included other former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as guests. One of them was Courtney Dober, who was on Georgia Love's season, and there's photo proof that all three of them were on the party together.

Elora liked Courtney, but Courtney showed interested in Simone, and according to Elora she didn't like him enough to "fight" for him.

She then confirmed that Simone and Courtney hooked up at Elora's place — something that Woman's Day reported last week, when an insider said, "Elora and Simone actually stopped talking after they spent a few days together in Sydney. Simone was staying at Elora's house and slept with a guy they both liked, in Elora's bed of all places! She also acted like an ungrateful brat the whole time and treated the place like a pigsty."

Yikes. Is Apollo sure he wants to get caught up in this?

And just an idea: maybe Simone and Elora shouldn't put themselves in situations where they keep going for the same guy. And maybe they should start meeting guys outside the Bachelor bubble. It's only going to cause drama — and that's exactly what Bachelor in Paradise wants.