‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Florence says she’s over Jake, and she wants to be the next ‘Bachelorette’

Plus, who she really wanted to show up in ‘Paradise’.

By Katie Stow

Bachelor in Paradise saw a mass exodus of hopeful singles last night in the final rose ceremony — losing Florence and Elora after they didn't receive a rose. Emotions were seriously running high last night, and it certainly seemed like the most ~real~ the contestants had been about their feelings.

But to make sure we had the whole picture, we chatted to Florence to see what really went down last night, and what's happened to her since she left the hectic island (for the second time).

For context, Florence came into Paradise on day one — declaring she was looking forward to meeting Davey and seeing Jake again (after they had a fling on the outside). Once in the throws of Paradise, Flo was blindsided when Davey opted to take Leah on a date, leaving her to spend more time with Jake and ultimately give him her rose — even though they were a hella fiery couple who just seemed to argue all the time.

Things backfired once again when Megan came into the house and instantly started a relationship with Jake, leaving Florence on the bench and bitter as fuck. She was voted off that week when Jake gave his rose to Megan.

BUT Florence came back into Paradise this week on the weirdest comeback tour of her life. She was greeted with confusion and frustration and spent nearly the whole time talking about Jake. Or at least that's all we could see from the highly-edited show…

Florence didn't receive a rose (again) on last night's episode, so we're having another exit interview with the blonde bombshell to find out what two rounds of Bachelor in Paradise really feels like.

How would you describe your time in Paradise?

In one word: LOL.

So you were happy with your time in Paradise?

No, obviously not. I had a lot of fun — it wasn't all bad — but looking back I didn't want the drama. It wasn't like I went in craving drama. Usually, my life is pretty drama free, and I didn't have any drama when I was on The Bachelor, so I was quite shocked, frustrated and angry — as you've seen — to find myself in those situations. I wish it hadn't happened like that.

What are your real opinions of Jake?

Jake and I are cool now. Obviously I was a little disappointed when I was watching the show, but I wasn't shocked, because it confirmed what I already thought. But when you're in the middle of it, you don't see exactly how he lied to me. I'm glad that I didn't look too crazy, because he did what I thought he did — if that makes sense?

We've both moved on and restarted, and I'm happy that he's fallen in love with Megan, because she's a really great girl. There are no hard feelings there and I wish him all the best — genuinely! If I ran into him, I wouldn't mind catching up, but we're not going to be hanging out as best friends.

Since the show has aired, how many more Jake Ellis stories have you heard?

You remember that #metoo campaign on Instagram? Well, like that, I've had so many people in my inbox saying, 'I live on the Gold Coast and I have a story too,' or, 'My friend has hooked up with him,' there were a few coming in! Like Jen Hawke used to date him, so she has a few Jake Ellis stories too. To be honest, I'm so sick of the name 'Jake'. I've move on and I can't be bothered with anymore Jake Ellis stories!

Do you think he genuinely likes Megan?

Yeah, I could tell that he does. When I went back in it was pretty obvious. And I know that it seemed like a lot of drama when I went back in, but it wasn't actually — there was just a lot of creative editing involved. They were happy, and I let them, and I never tried to cause drama between them, because I could tell that Jake really likes her. I actually think Jake is more into her than she is into him! He was definitely keen on her.

If Megan hadn't arrived, do you think you and Jake would have had a real relationship?

No, I don't think so, to be honest. Sometimes you meet someone and you get along really well — and we did get along really well before the show — but sometimes you just bring out the worst in each other, and you don't know why and how. With some people it's just so chilled and it's all good, but with him… we're just so fiery and we really bring it out in each other, and that's toxic.

Outside of Jake and Davey, did you fancy anyone else in Paradise?

No, not really. When I went back in for the second time, I was interested in American Jared and we were just trying to get to know each other — it seemed a lot more dramatic yesterday — but he was the only single person there, and I'm not going to try to break up any other couples. So I tried to get to know him to see if there was anything there. I think that if I had gone in earlier, or I had never left, that there could have potentially been something. But other than him, no, not really. I probably would have left early on if Jake wasn't there, because there would have been nothing for me.

Were you happy with your edit on Bachelor in Paradise?

Mmmm, yes and no. The first time around it was portrayed right — like I did throw the champagne, and I did get angry, and frustrated, and sad, and upset. But the second time around, it was like watching a new show.

I wasn't happy with the second edit. Yesterday was fine, but Sunday's episode I wasn't too happy with — but I do understand how TV works and I know it happens to other people, so it's not just like I'm the only victim here. It's just how it goes.

Do you think that anyone else has been badly edited?

Yeah, Eden. Eden is way better in real life. He is not that crazy, he did not write the letter by himself, there are so many things that he had to cop the blow for. So I think Eden's edit was pretty creative. We caught up for breakfast the other day and he is so nice, so chill and so fun. He is not crazy at all, and nor is he that obsessed with Elora. But it's reality TV and people love it, so that's fine. We all know what we sign up for.

Why did you come back to Paradise? And was it your decision or production's choice to bring you back?

Bit of both. Obviously production offered it to me to come, and I really wanted to. I was just so excited to go back in because I felt like my time had been cut short by Jake, and I felt like I had missed out on the entire experience. That's why I was so upset because I was so keen to really give it a go, and really trying to meet someone, and then all of a sudden I was back in Melbourne, and I was devastated.

So when they were like, 'You can go back into Paradise, I was like, 'YEAH! Let me meet some new people!' But I didn't know that there were only couples left. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone back because there would've been no point.

They said that there were guys in Paradise that I would like, so I just assumed that there would be single guys — like what's the point of going back in otherwise?!

What did you do in the time you were away from Paradise?

It was a really short time, so I just caught up with friends and Simone was still in Melbourne — she hadn't gone in yet — so I caught up with her. Just lived my life!

Who do you think is the fakest couple in Paradise?

Ooh! I think the couples that are left are pretty good! We all saw last night that Osher said 'You need to have a chat to see if you want to stay,' and so you need to be really sure about it — which is why Rachael and Thomas broke up. I wouldn't say Rachael and Thomas were fake, but they were definitely a little bit unstable because they had just met. Other than that, I think the couples are good. They were all really loved up when I went back in, and I obviously don't know what happened after that because I'm not there anymore. But those four days when I went back in, everyone was pretty loved up.

Who do you wish was in Paradise who never came?

No, not really. I wouldn't have minded if Cam Cranley was there, because we're mates — but that wouldn't have been anything romantic. We just get on really well and he's funny and bubbly, so I would have loved to have him there.

But I haven't really watched any other Bachelor seasons, so I don't really know who else I would have liked. I wanted Davey Lloyd, but we all know what happened there!

Do you still speak to Davey? And are there any romantic opportunities there?
Yeah, we're on good terms. But I'm in Melbourne, he's in Sydney… but never say never — you never know what might happen in the future. But for now, I'm happily single and it's all good the way it is!

Would you ever go on a reality TV dating show again?

Depending on what it is, I would consider it because I think my time in Paradise was unique and it wouldn't have gone like that if there were no ex-flings on there. So I think I would have gone so differently if Jake wasn't there — so I think it wasn't a fair chance for me to find love on there.

I would consider it! If it's The Bachelorette then DEFINITELY! If it's Paradise season two, then maybe. If it's I'm a Celeb! then yes, sounds fun. So it depends what it is and if it's the right time for me.

Do you have any regrets over your time in Paradise?

Yes, obviously not picking Davey. But then again, he picked Leah, and at the time it seemed like the right thing to do to give Jake an honest chance, because he did put in a lot of effort and I felt like he wanted to give it a proper go. It's easy to speak about it afterwards, and be like, 'I should have given him a second chance,' but in the moment it felt like the right thing. So I'm going to say no, not really any regrets. There's no point having regrets!

Who do you think proposes at the end of Paradise?

Tough one! I think it's something that Jarrod might do because he's so intense — and I reckon he was going to propose to Sophie Monk, if he had won! So I wouldn't be surprised if he proposed. I think Keira would say yes as well, because they are very loved-up. It's definitely a surprising relationship, but they are so good together! It was so nice to be around them, and to be around Keira too. She's a great, great person. I had read so much about her on The Bachelor, but she was so lovely — and in combination with Jarrod it just works really well. Interesting couple, but they definitely bring out the best in each other. They're cute!

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