15 'Bachelor in Paradise' hook-up predictions

We’re ready.

By Jessica Chandra

Let the Bachelor in Paradise games begin! And by games we mean the hook-ups, the love triangles and love squares, and the inevitable potential heartbreak.

As far as we know, there were 13 men — including two American imports — and 11 women from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who went to Fiji to give reality TV romance another shot. Based on those uneven numbers, there's not enough room for everyone to find a bed-mate — we mean soulmate! So we won't be surprised if the tears and drama start on night one.

Channel Ten has released a few promos that have teased some of the potential hook-ups and romances on the first-ever Australian series, and from the look of things, there will be certain characters who ~become familiar~ with more than one person.

But hey, that's what Bachelor in Paradise is all about!

Here are our hook-up predictions — we'll be watching every episode to see which ones are strategic and which ones are the real deal.

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