'Bachelor in Paradise' refresher: Who is Lisa Hyde from 'The Bachelor' season two?

She got caught up in the most scandalous finale yet.

By Jessica Chandra
Bachelor in Paradise Australia Lisa Hyde

The first season of Australia's Bachelor in Paradise is going to be amazing for a few reasons. Obviously, we're excited because after five seasons of The Bachelor and three seasons of The Bachelorette, we're finally getting a local version of this ~wild~ spin-off series, which gives former rejects contestants another shot at finding love.

And while a majority of the contestants have come from the more recent seasons of the shows, there are some major throwbacks to the earlier days of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which is why some people may not be as familiar to viewers as others.

This time we're returning the focus to Lisa Hyde. If you don't recognise her, here's what you need to know.

Which season of 'The Bachelor' was Lisa on?

Lisa appeared on the second season of The Bachelor Australia in 2014, with Blake Garvey as the leading man — and we all know how that season ended!

But if you don't, here's a quick recap (it was so good): Blake took his top two ladies, Lisa and Sam Frost, to South Africa for the finale. After telling Lisa that he had chosen someone else, Blake was finally able to tell Sam that he'd fallen in love with her. But that's not all — he also proposed to her. We were so lucky — it was our second season of The Bachelor, and he had decided to take the plunge and get down on one knee! It was very Bachelor US.

But then something major happened. Unlike the previous year, Blake, Sam and Lisa were all blocked from doing press the next day, which was a sign that something was amiss. Then Channel Ten confirmed that Blake and Sam had actually broken up in the time between the filming of the finale, and the airing of the finale.

That's not all. The following week, it was revealed that Blake had actually gone back to Louise Pillidge, his second runner-up, and that the two of them had shacked up and become a couple!

It was almost too much to handle. Lisa actually didn't have much to do with the whole fiasco, but she supported Sam throughout it because the two had become really good friends, despite 'competing' for the same man. It doesn't appear as though the two hang out anymore, though.

As for Blake and Louise? They dated for a couple of years, but ended up calling it quits. This news was shared via a 'breakup photo shoot' for a weekly magazine (weird), and since then they've both retreated from the public eye.

What did Lisa place on 'The Bachelor'?

As mentioned above, Lisa was the runner-up. At least she got a trip to South Africa out of the experience?

Who has Lisa dated since the show?

Shortly after the finale of The Bachelor aired on TV, Lisa started dating Tyson Mayr, a model/travel blogger/former contestant on I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! They had a pretty idyllic life, travelling around the world together.

Unfortunately, Lisa and Tyson broke up at the end of 2016, after two years together. It doesn't seem like she's had a long-term relationship since then, making her perfect for Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe she'll find The One… in an ex-Bachelorette contestant.

What does Lisa do?

Lisa runs an eyewear label called Shevoke. She also attends fashion and lifestyle events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Some of her good friends include other reality stars, like former Big Brother contestants Lisa Clark and Aisha Jade.

Who will Lisa hook up with on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Based on one of the promos for the show, Lisa will form a ~connection~ with Luke McLeod, the handsome George Clooney lookalike from Sophie Monk's season.

What are Lisa's social media accounts?

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