'Bachelor in Paradise' slammed for queerbaiting Megan Marx's pool kiss

We’ve been had!

By Jessica Chandra
Elora Murger, Megan Marx and Noni Janur

UPDATE 18/04/18: Bachelor in Paradise viewers have slammed the show for queerbaiting, after Megan Marx's mysterious pool kiss was finally aired and it was confirmed that she was making out with Canadian intruder Thomas Perras, not Elora Murger, as originally thought.

This wouldn't be a big deal if the promos hadn't heavily implied that Megan — the show's first bisexual contestant — would have a queer storyline by sandwiching the kiss footage between other shots of Megan with Elora.

Also, Megan has addressed on Instagram how her sexuality would come into play with the rose ceremonies, which are still structured by traditional gender roles.

Megan wrote:

So in a way, this also implied that Megan would be part of a ~groundbreaking~ queer storyline on a primetime television show.

Anyway, fans were pissed, and they took to Twitter — as they do every episode — to vent.

Looks like Jake wasn't the only one angry about Thomas.

ORIGINAL STORY 04/04/18: If you've been watching Bachelor in Paradise Australia, you'll know that there's somehow more drama than a regular series of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

You'll also know that it's more realistic and ~progressive~ than the standard Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. Instead of 20+ women trying to compete for the love of one man (and vice versa on The Bachelorette), the returning contestants have more people to pursue romantically. It also means, in the case of people like Megan Marx, that they have the opportunity to ~connect~ with both men and women.

We all know the Megan Marx story by now. She was originally on Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor in 2016, and famously walked out on him during a rose ceremony, stating that she reason for leaving was because she knew Richie wasn't the guy for her. Fair enough.

It was then revealed that Megan had quickly moved into another relationship… with Tiffany Scanlon, another contestant from Richie's season who was eliminated quite early.

It was such a scandal at the time, OMG. It was like people had never heard of two women being in a relationship. It even made international headlines! That's how shook Bachelor fans around the world were.

And look, to be fair, it was a massive story to come out of a show where women go on in the hope of meeting Prince Charming.

Megan and Tiffany did a bunch of interviews and social media posts explaining their sexualities — not that it needed explanation, of course — saying they were attracted to each other regardless of gender.

Megan and Tiffany dated for about six months before going their separate ways, which is why Megan popped up on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Megan isn't the first contestant who's swung both ways to appear on The Bachelor, but when she rocked up during the third episode of Bachelor in Paradise and told Osher Günsberg she would be open to seeing if she had chemistry with any of the women — specifically Elora Murger from Matty J's season — it was the first time the Australian Bachelor franchise had addressed the possibility of a same-sex relationship on the actual show.

Even Osher acknowledged that it was a big deal.

That's not all. Even before the show started, one of the promos heavily hinted that Megan and Elora will hook up in some capacity.

Megan can be heard saying, "She's absolutely gorgeous. She's definitely my type of girl," before showing Megan kiss some unidentified long-haired brunette in a pool.

The fact that this pool kiss is sandwiched between other clear shots of Megan and Elora hanging out made it seem like we had a Megan-Elora romance to look forward to. But NO —apparently this is not the case!

A source told The Sun Herald that the person Megan can be seen making out with isn't Elora, and isn't even a woman — it's reportedly Thomas Perras, a long-haired male intruder who first appeared on the Canadian version of The Bachelorette in 2016.

Based on these pics, the unidentified long-haired brunette could definitely be him.

This is major because we've been set up to believe this whole time that we'd get to see different kinds of love.

Also, according to NW, Elora "wasn't keen" on a relationship with Megan, and Jake Ellis told Cosmo in our chat, "It's not Elora!"

But that hasn't stopped the two from developing a friendship IRL — they've been spotted hanging out at events (including Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year party) and spent the Easter weekend with OG contestant Ali Oetjen.

Even if Megan does fall for a girl on the show, the rose ceremonies are still structured by gender, so we're curious as to how that would work, like if she wanted to give her rose to a woman.

Guess we'll have to keep watching to see — which is what all the contestants have said when we've tried to ask spoiler-y questions.

h/t Daily Mail

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