Nina on the pain Eden has caused her on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, and just how romantic Daniel is in real life

Sh*t got seriously real.

By Katie Stow

Bachelor in Paradise Australia has already been through a lot, with evictions, walk-outs, hook-ups, break-ups and partner swapping occurring on the reg. But the beautiful shores of Fiji have now waved goodbye to their latest evictee: Nina Rolleston.

When Nina first rocked up in Paradise we had to wind back our memories to three years ago when we first saw her on our screens, on Sam Wood's season of The Bachelor Australia. Back then she was a brunette who managed to break a Guinness World Record by snogging Sam Wood on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for over four minutes.

But walking into Paradise, Nina was ready for love and instantly connected with Eden Schwencke from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette Australia, who was best known for awkwardly breakdancing in episode one.

The two paired up and had a seemingly mild relationship, with Nina laying down the law early on that she wouldn't be getting ~intimate~ in any way before the end of the show — and fair enough! The whole thing is filmed over about three weeks, so that is moving quite fast in real time.

Up until this week, we thought everything was hunky dory with Eden and Nina, but then he met Elora and was instantly attracted to her, which caused him to have a chat with Nina about how strict she really is about her no-kissing rule. Nina wasn't ready to compromise her values, so Eden reassured her not to worry because she was 'his girl' — and then he went and blindsided her by giving his rose to Elora that night. Nina was visibly upset and refused to talk to Eden after he dumped her on national television.

We caught up with Nina to discuss what exactly went down that night, and to find out how she really feels about Douchey Daniel.

How would you describe your experience on Bachelor in Paradise?

Oh look, it was an incredible experience. Up until last night's episode, it has been so amazing to be with such incredible cast members, beautiful location — just a really, really beautiful experience. Up until last night!

How was that whole day for you?

It's been a pretty hard 24 hours for me, and there's not been a lot of sleep — if any at all — since the episode, and copious amounts of tears. It's been pretty fucked.

Because of what happened during that day or how it was all edited for TV?

There's been a couple of factors. Obviously, there's nothing nice about being dumped on national TV…for a second time! But I guess for me, my feelings for Eden were very genuine and you go through with it whilst it's happening and then you feel like you've moved on and then all of a sudden it plays out in front of you — and in front of everyone else watching. It really does bring back the emotions and the heartbreak that happened when it was filmed.

To have the public really loving the relationship that Eden and I had, and then to have him give me an ultimatum about intimacy — which is something that we had discussed so many times, and I really did feel like he respected me. But that wasn't the case.

Since the airing I've just copped copious amounts of abuse online and it's been really disgusting that people feel like they have a right to decide what's right for me and my body.

Have people being saying that it wasn't right for you to not hook up with Eden?

Yeah! Like, 'Why aren't you kissing him? It's only a kiss,' and people have called me frigid and that I've used him, accused me of kissing other people and not kissing Eden. It's just been really, really disgusting, hurtful things being said. It's pretty much been 10 hours straight of deleting abuse off my personal social media accounts. It's been pretty horrible.

While you were in Paradise, did you feel a lot of pressure from Eden?

Not really, to be honest. The very first conversation we had together, in the first 15 minutes of him being in Paradise, he asked if I was wanting break my Guinness World Record — and that was the perfect opportunity for me to let him know about my values. It also gave him the chance to make a decision about whether I was someone he did want to invest my time in. If he wasn't prepared to accept that, then he had that out from the very start.

And I never was in a position where I thought he was going in for a kiss, or he was putting the moves on me, and then all of a sudden I'm being given an ultimatum about it. It just really blindsided me, and being called 'selfish' for having values was just really disgusting, to be honest.

After spending an entire day together, it was probably a conversation — if he did feel that way — it didn't need to happen at a rose ceremony. And for the conversation to be ended with, 'You're my girl,' was a reassurance for me, but then to be completely blindsided about him picking someone I'd only see him have one conversation with!

Looking at the trailer for the next episode, it seems that Elora has zero interest in Eden. Was that satisfying to watch?

Yeah! I guess karma is a dish best served cold! It'll be interesting to see if it was really worth it.

Have you been in contact with Eden at all post-Paradise?

It did take a good couple of months for that initial contact to happen, and there has been some sporadic conversations, but I think we're at that point where I was really hurt and I just can't seem to move past what he did. We talk, and the chemistry is still very much there, as well as the attraction, but I can't let someone in who didn't feel that I was good enough or that I was worth waiting for.

Eden posted a big caption on Instagram saying, "In this environment you learn and grow to understand that strangers may hold power over you and when they use that power to attempt to make you feel unwanted or small, I just think that's in bad taste." Is that referring to your relationship?

I can only assume it is. I'm not entirely sure because I don't follow Eden on social media anymore after that.

Moving on from Eden! In your opinion, who is the real Daniel?

[Laughs] Look, Daniel is such an interesting, intellectual person. He's done this so many times that he knows exactly what he needs to do to ruffle feathers. He knows exactly what he needs to do to get people talking about him. And the fact that he can be on two episodes and people are still talking about him is exactly why he keeps getting asked to be on these types of shows.

We had the most beautiful single date, and it was really disappointing to see it shown as him creeping on me and constantly making provocative comments when it just wasn't like that. The situation with trying to get to the hot springs and the rivers being flooded actually turned into quite a serious emergency evacuation which took about five or six hours to get all the cast and crew to safety. It was really intense! But, it was all off camera. So that was five or six hours that I got to spend with this guy without a camera in his face and him being the showpony that he is.

He is so deep, he is so intelligent, he really values intelligence in a partner, so our conversations were just on a completely different level from what anyone ever saw.

When we returned back from Paradise I made it really clear to him that Eden would be the one receiving my rose, so he knew that he needed to get a rose from someone else. So I think he was just doing anything he possibly could to spend more time there. He even said in his interview, 'I want to receive a rose from Nina, but I know I'm not going to, so I know I need to get it from someone else!'

I don't condone the comments he made — they were pretty disgusting — and him and I have some pretty heated conversations about the way he refers to women. I certainly don't appreciate being spoken about as if I'm a puppet! [Sighs] Apparently it's a quote from a movie and so people who have seen that movie, probably find it extremely funny, but it's just that type of humour that doesn't come across very well on camera.

He probably didn't realise how different Paradise was going to be between America and Australia, and we're a bit more serious over here. We're a much more mature group of people and the average age is much higher than the American version. So I think he came into this guns blazing to a world that he thought he knew very well, but was swimming in deep water with this different concept in Australia.

He definitely puts his foot in his mouth over and over again, but there is such a beautiful deep person underneath it all, and I've been really lucky to meet that person.

You mentioned in the episode that you were looking forward to getting in touch with Daniel when you left Paradise — was that to move things along romantically?

No, definitely not. Like anything, there's a 20 minute conversation that had and only 30 seconds of it shown. I got in contact with every single person who was eliminated, including Mack, Davey, Blake and Flo, so it wasn't a comment that I couldn't wait to reconnect with him so we can run off into the sunset together — I mean, for Christ's sake, we live on opposite sides of the world to each other!

It's definitely not something that would ever develop into a relationship, but we do have a really beautiful friendship with each other. And through the last 24 hours, having to cop some serious shit, he's been my biggest support through it all.

Do you reckon that he was highly edited for the Bachelor in Paradise episodes then?

I just think that they only showed one side of him. There was that opportunity for him to be portrayed as the villain — as in someone who came in to take all the women — and so he gave them [producers] exactly what they needed.

So I think he knew what he was getting into, but I think if he had stuck around a little bit longer, he would have had an opportunity to calm down a little bit, and just relax, instead of being on this hunt for a rose.

You mentioned in the last episode that there are quite a few couples hooking up on the show, and sneaking into each other's bedrooms. Does a lot of sex happen during Paradise?

I don't know what would be considered 'a lot,' but you've got a lot of couples! We're all adults, we all have hormones, and we have gone into an environment where you go from meeting someone to pretty much living with them straight away. Even though we have our own rooms, we have the choice to spend the night wherever we like, and with whoever we like — so obviously things are going to happen!

Out of the couples in Paradise, who do you think will stay together?

You've got to be backing Sam and Tara! They are just the most beautiful couple. No one saw it coming, but when it did, it certainly made a whole lot of sense. I'm very excited to watch their journey! They are ridiculously cute.

If you had your time in Paradise again, who would you go for?

I'd still go for Eden. That wouldn't change for me. He's someone that I genuinely had feelings for, and I don't want to take away from that. Perhaps we could have gone about things differently, but he would still be the person I would have my sight set on.

Finally, what are you up to now?

Just back to work, back to trying to live a normal, low-key life! I'm very excited to get back out and start dating again. We have to keep a low-profile while the show is airing and you're potentially with someone, so I'm just excited about getting out there!

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