Tara and Sam from 'Bachelor in Paradise' are so bloody cute they make us believe in reality TV love

All of the heart eyes.

By Jessica Chandra
Tara and Sam on Bachelor in Paradise

We never thought we'd say this, but Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane are the best thing to come out of Bachelor in Paradise.

To see them together on the show it makes total sense why they're a good match. They're both funny, they both don't take things too seriously, and they're both perfectly happy with each other, and aren't concerned about keeping their options open in case someone else arrives — which has caused major tension between other couples (hello, Lisa and Luke).

And while we were originally a bit ~concerned~ about this whole Tara and Sam pairing — it's not like we hated Sam, but he was a bit of a dick on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette — he's proven that he is worthy of the perfect angel Tara, simply because he makes her so happy.

In fact, Tara and Sam are so strong that there are rumours they're the couple that gets engaged at the end of the series. (There have also been reports that they got it on like rabbits on the island, with a source telling Woman's Day, "Both Sam and Tara would openly brag to the others about what they'd got up to the night before and didn't hold back on the details. Tara would joke she and Sam had been 'clapping' in the shower the night before.")

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There have been clues that they're definitely still together IRL, with reports that Sam moved out of his Sydney flat to be closer to Tara on the Gold Coast, and the fact that they were both at the same Getta Burger store in Brisbane, where they had to sing to get free burgers. (It was a Pitch Perfect 3 promotion, and other ex-contestants like Florence Moerenhout and Davey Lloyd also got in on the act.)

With one week of Bachelor in Paradise to go, we're confident Tara and Sam will be one of the last remaining couples. So in honour of this unlikely relationship, we've compiled the sweetest things they've said about each other on social media.