OMG: Are Keira and Jarrod planning their own spin-off TV show?!

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

By Katie Stow

We just hit the final hurdle on our Bachelor in Paradise journey, with the last episode airing this week and revealing just who proposed at the end. SPOILER ALERT: Despite all the promos hinting that Grant was going to ask Ali to marry him, it was actually our favourite couple ever, Tara and Sam!

While Tara and Sam are keeping busy planning their wedding, we still want to see what's up with the other three couples from Paradise that didn't get engaged. So far it seems that Megan and Jake are now loved-up and travelling the world together, and Ali and Grant split up after she headed off to L.A to make it work with him, and it flopped so badly that now she's already on the rebound after signing herself up to be the next Bachelorette.

But what's going on with Keira and Jarrod?

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Well, we knew from the end credits of the finale that Keira had packed up her bags and was moving to Melbourne to live with Jarrod, and the two now split their time between their house together in Brighton and Jarrod's family's vineyard. Sounds pretty good to us!

While we just assumed that they would potter along like any other Bachelor contestants, going to a few PR events and making money by promoting products on their Instagram, it seems that Keira and Jarrod have their eyes on a bigger prize.

Why do we think this? Because Jarrod posted an extremely suss message on his Instagram story, saying, "I want to thank everybody for your support throughout the show and to all stay tuned for more exciting adventures with my amazing love of my life."

Is it just us, or does this totally read: 'We've got something up our sleeve — potentially a spin-off-show-something up our sleeve'?!

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The fresh-outta-Paradise couple haven't announced anything yet, but as we KNOW a Keira and Jarrod reality show would be TV gold we have a feeling that this could be legit. Now all that's left to do is follow Jarrod's orders and stay tuned for what's to come…

(Ps. Please tell us soon guys, we're really bloody impatient.)