STFU! Leah from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is engaged?!

The lucky lady posted a pic of her ring.

By Katie Stow

We may be knee-deep in Bachelor in Paradise right now, but despite being only four episodes in, one contestant may have spoiled the ending already — flashing a big old engagement ring on Instagram!

Yup, Miss Leah Costa from Matty J's season of The Bachelor shared an Instagram story of her at the drive-in cinema (very Grease-inspired), with the caption "Drive in. He spoils me."

But the photo that followed was break-the-Bachelor-obsessed-internet-worthy, as it was Leah sitting in the boot of her car with a glass of champagne and a sparkler on her ring finger!

This honestly left us baffled because a) she is currently in a friend zone with Mack, b) has a sort of crush on Michael but nothing seems to have come of that, and c) YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SPOIL THE DAMN ENDING OF BACHELOR IN PARADISE!

We already know that the series closes with a proposal, but (no offence to Leah) we really didn't think that it would be Leah on the receiving end. She spoken heaps about how she wants to play the field in Paradise and that she's looking to get to know people and have fun — so we were betting on older, more wedding-ready contestants like Ali, Jarrod and maybe Luke to be the ones getting engaged.

So who's the lucky guy? Well it could literally be anyone in Paradise right now, or another bloke that's coming in — perhaps an American? Or, there's also a chance as filming wrapped in November last year, that Leah has met someone outside the Bachelor in Paradise incestuous reality-TV family and is now getting hitched?!

WHO THE HECK KNOWS?! She does get cosy with American intruder Grant (who has proposed on BIP before), so it could be him, but one thing we know for sure — we really can't imagine it being fuckboy Jake