So it turns out Leah’s engagement was a publicity stunt, and people are pissed

And now she’s deleted Instagram.

By Katie Stow

Bachelor in Paradise may be in its final week, with only four couples left in the mix, but it seems that some ex-contestants are still managing to stir the pot off the loved-up island.

You may remember those engagement rumours swirling around Leah Costa a few weeks ago, after she posted a video of herself at a drive-in date, flashing a big old sparkler on her ring finger.

Leah never really confirmed or denied the engagement rumours, but did say that she was happily in a new relationship post-Paradise.

However, the Bachelor veteran took to Instagram to reveal that the engagement ring was a publicity stunt this whole time — and she wore it to prove that the media sensationalises everything.

Before you go stalking her on the 'gram, we should probably let you know that Leah has well and truly deleted her whole account. But some clever outlets screenshotted her post before she deleted Instagram all together, so we can see what she has to say. In the caption she states:

After sharing her post, her followers were a little cheesed off and were slamming her for her "attention-seeking" ways. One commenter even said, "I can't believe I thought you were finally being real. This is very disappointing. How can you think you are better than the media by fooling the public? Can't you see you created 'fake news' as well? Good riddance."

Leah clapped back with a fierce comment before shutting down her whole account, saying in her Instagram stories:


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