'Bachelor in Paradise': Megan says "If Jake proposed, I would say no"


By Katie Stow

We are legitimately days away from the finale of Bachelor in Paradise, which means two things: We finally get our evenings back AND we get to see who the hoot actually proposes at the end!

Though there are rumours that there's no proposal at all, from day one in the trailers, Channel Nine have been promoting a proposal finale, so we have our hopes high. But who will pop the question?

Currently there are four couples left in the mix: Unexpected pair Keira and Jarrod, ridiculously cute Tara and Sam, oh-so serious Ali and Grant and the unfairly attractive couple Megan and Jake.

While the odds seem to be on Keira and Jarrod or Tara and Sam, really we thought it could be any of the couples — until now. As Megan just shut down that idea with one simple, but brutal, quote made during her recent TV Week interview.

Oooft. But before you write off their romance for good, she did back up her claims with some context, reminding us that she has been married before — back when she was a member of a religious cult.

"I'm not really into that [marriage], especially because I've been married before. The next time I do it, I want it to be forever."

In another surprising twist, in the same interview with TV Week, Megan revealed that she didn't initially have her eyes on Jake, but fancied another man in Paradise. The 29-year-old blonde admitted that she had her eyes on Luke McLeod, but she didn't pursue him because he was with Lisa Hyde at the time.

"I think going in, Luke and Lisa were pretty solid. But we did get along really well and I wanted to keep my options open."

Despite Luke and Lisa breaking up on the outside (after Luke cheated on Lisa), it seems unlikely now that he would hook up with Megan — especially as Jake and Megan have been VERY flirty with each other on Instagram during the show airing.

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