All the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers that you WON’T see on TV

From brutal dumpings to sex-crazed couples.

By Katie Stow

We are deep into the tropical shitstorm that is Bachelor in Paradise, with hook-ups, break-ups and oh-so questionable dates a-plenty. But whilst there is some serious drama being served up on-screen, it seems that there is just as much going on off-screen — so much so that we have dedicated an entire post to all the Bachelor in Paradise rumours circling our Bachie-obsessed heads.

From brutal dumpings to sex-crazed couples, this is all the stuff you won't see on the telly, but is too damn good to miss out on!

Luke royally screws over Lisa

Despite being one of the more ~solid~ couples, it seems that things get seriously shitty between Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde. Due to our Instagram snooping, we've figured out that the pair no longer follow each other, and Luke recently posted a hella suspicious caption on his last post.

Catch up on all the ~drama~ here, and get in deep with LisaLukegate.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestants have a group chat

…and everyone is taking swings!

Following on from Luke and Lisa hurtling towards splitsville, it seems the rest of the single pringles in Paradise are weighing in on their drama by talking about it in their group chat.

Then Lisa chimes in to sarcastically say, "Yeh, cool mate, what's your side of the story!" and paired her statement with perhaps the most passive aggressive rainbow on the planet.

See the full group chat here, courtesy of Now To Love:

Grant breaks Ali’s heart

Ali may be currently breaking hearts left, right and centre—after hooking in Jarrod and palming him off to Keira, before Mack starting "falling for her" and she said she only felt a "sparkle" for him, and then, of course, she had a chat with Michael to shut him down before he even had the chance to say he was into her! In other words, it's been a busy week in Paradise for Ali

But it seems she's in for more strife, as American-intruder Grant is on the prowl!

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Now To Love have revealed that Ali and Grant have a romance in Paradise, but, SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't last long after the show wraps — mainly because Grant demanded a damn threesome! Their source says:

Also, Keira (who we are bloody loving on this series of Bachelor in Paradise, by the way) said that Grant is a straight-up FAKE. "He's as fake as they come. Don't be fooled by his nice guy behaviour. That guy is on a mission, and it's not a nice one. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!"

One lady leaves Paradise in the middle of the night

Apparently, this week on Bachelor in Paradise one of the female contestants literally flees the island in the middle of the night, and the rumours flying around is that though it's staged to look like she left of her own accord, instead she was forced to leave Paradise by producers.

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Who the leaving lady is, is still unknown—but our bets are on Laurina, who after her awkward moment with Blake, has really struggled to find a connection with another dude on the island.

Sam and Tara are at it like rabbits

Honestly, we're a little bit in love with these two. Sam and Tara are the most unexpected couple in Bachelor in Paradise, but they actually seem so well matched and they have been posting some seriously ~gushy~ captions about each other on Instagram.

Despite us only just seeing these two pash on last night's episode, apparently things have gotten a lot more saucy off screen — with reports that Sam and Tara are at it like RABBITS!

A source spoke to Now To Love to say, "Both Sam and Tara would openly brag to the others about what they'd got up to the night before and didn't hold back on the details. Tara would joke she and Sam had been 'clapping' in the shower the night before."

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Speaking of, here's some nifty Bachelor-inspired sex positions to ~get you in the mood~: