Stu Laundy says that ‘The Bachelorette’ gave him “Stockholm Syndrome”

He is also about to have a fist fight Sonny Bill Williams.

By Katie Stow

It may have been a hot minute since Stu Laundy was on our TV screens, casually falling in love with Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette before calling it quits and going separate ways, romantically.

Since their split, Stu has kinda been laying low — keeping to his pub businesses and staying out of the public eye. But he's about to smash back into our lives in a big (and very unexpected) way: With a hectic boxing match.

He will be going head-to-head with NRL player/professional boxer Sonny Bill Williams — who, if you've never seen him before, is a bloody big dude.

Images of Stu getting prepped for the big fight were shared on Daily Mail, and even though we know absolutely nothing about boxing, we're scared for him.

When doing interviews for his fight, Stu got to chatting about his time on The Bachelorette and his relationship with Sophie Monk. While we had a feeling he'd be sour about how things ended between him and Sophie, but he was actually super complimentary of his ex-girlfriend.

"Sophie's just a lovely, lovely human being, when I got papped Sophie reached out to me and checked in with me to see how my kids were doing, she's just an amazing human being."

Stu admitted, however, that the media attention following The Bachelorette was actually pretty great, saying, "I wasn't used to the [paparazzi] and that sort of thing, but it was all a fun ride for me".

However, his time in The Bachelorette mansion seemed pretty full-on, with Stu explaining that he essentially experienced "Stockholm Syndrome" while he was in there. As scary as that sounds, he says that it's left him with great mates.

"I've got lifelong friends from the show now, the boys and Sophie," says Stu.

For now, Stu is just going to focus on the upcoming fight and using his profile to promote awareness for the issues important to him.

"The best thing that I could do is to raise awareness for something. We wanted to go as big as we could for charity. I do have a following now and I can use that for the power of good. I have a big following on Instagram, I was never really going to use it but now I can use it for something worthwhile."

Good luck for the punch up!

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