A Sexpo audition tape of Belinda from 'The Bachelor Australia' 2017 has surfaced, and OMG

This love coach seems sooo different IRL.

By Jessica Chandra

Of all the introductions between Matty J and the contestants on The Bachelor Australia 2017, Belinda, the love coach, definitely had the, er, most awkward one.

If your memory needs a little refreshing, she was the one who walked right up to Matty, brought out her timer, and made them put their hands on each other’s hearts while staring into each other’s eyes in silence, for one loooooong minute.


Since then, Belinda hasn’t had much screen time — it’s a little hard to compete with ~drama queens~ like Jen and Leah. But Belinda is certainly no stranger to the camera, as a recently-discovered audition tape has revealed.

Two years ago, Belinda auditioned for something called Sexpo Idol. No, it’s not the sex version of Australian Idol — apparently landing the Sexpo Idol gig means being an MC at Sexpo.

But we digress. Belinda’s audition tape has surfaced, and basically she has either changed a lot in two years, or we’re really not seeing the real Belinda on The Bachelor Australia — which wouldn’t be surprising, since viewers only get to see super-edited versions of people on TV.

In the audition tape, Belinda says, “My name is Belinda Rygier — like a tiger — and I am the love trainer.”

She describes herself as “witty, charismatic, [I] can think on my feet, articulate and, a combination of sugar and spice.”

The following showreel is a mix of her personal and professional videos, showcasing her talent for talking about relationships, and her ~experimental~ bedroom skills.

If anything, Belinda looks like a hoot! So we hope we get to see more of this side on The Bachelor Australia.

Watch Belinda’s full Sexpo showreel here — and make sure you stick around ’til the end, ’cos there is a major moment in the last few seconds.