If you reckon you can't relate to Cass on 'The Bachelor', you're lying

Admit it, you've been there.

By Susannah Guthrie

Picture this: You're dating a guy you really like. Things fizzle out. You're not sure why. You spend weeks going over it with your friends to no avail.

You decide you need a fresh start, so you apply for a reality TV dating show.

You arrive on the show's set to find the man you're competing for is none other than the bloke who blew you off a few months back.

Except now, there are 21 other babes in the mix.

You're 23 years old, you're on national television, there's free-flowing alcohol and a producer constantly asking you how you're feeling. It's like a therapy session on steroids.

Welcome to Cass Wood's world. The Bachelor Australia contestant was thrust into a veritable hell-fire of emotional turmoil and yet, we're siding against her and calling her a stalker. What happened to the sisterhood?

As feminist writer Clementine Ford tweeted: "Cass is a sweet 23-year-old and I really hope she isn't brutally bullied because she's acting as young as she is."

To the producers I say: We get it. She's meant to be the resident bunny boiler. The stage-five clinger. The diary reader, love declarer, public crier and constant awkward giggler.

Except she's not. She's all of us.

Try telling me you've never over-analysed a text message or a break-up, cried over a boy you only went on a few dates with, felt threatened by other women in a romantic situation, gotten drunk and over-shared your emotions, attempted the "just be honest" approach with a guy and failed miserably or gotten bitter and twisted after seeing some other chick flirt with the guy you like.

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If not one of those applies to you, I salute you. You may be a robot.

But maybe the reason we're all hating on her is because it's easier than admitting WE'VE BLOODY BEEN THERE.

Watching her wander through the mansion constantly on the verge of tears, and seeing her pure excitement any time The Honey Badger pays her attention, is painful because it makes me think back to when I was 23 and struggling in the trenches of the dating world — even without the cameras, producers and 20-odd other women.

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Here's hoping The Honey Badger puts her out of her misery soon and either tells her he's keen too, or he's just not that into her.

Then let's get her the hell off TV and back with her gal pals for some TLC. God knows she needs it.