Cat, Romy and Alisha have been getting death threats after 'The Bachelor Australia' 2018

And they blame the producers.

By Susannah Guthrie

They've been ripped to shreds by the Australian public for their behaviour, and now The Bachelor Australia 2018's resident villains, Cat, Alisha and Romy, are blaming producers for painting them in such a bad light they've been receiving death threats.

All three women were either eliminated or walked off Thursday night's episode after their controversial treatment of other contestants was widely criticised.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph conducted shortly after their eliminations aired, the girls said they were forced to misbehave in order to stay on the show.

"It is very manipulative. You are told to do things, and if you don't, you might go home," Cat claimed.

Romy added: "Or your friend will go home if you don't have this conversation on camera."

According to the Tele, the girls were emotional when talking about their time on the show and claimed they'd been getting some nasty messages since it went to air.

"We've been getting death threats, telling us to slit our wrists, calling us whores, sluts and moles," Alisha said.

"The premise of this show is pitching women against each other. The same reality TV tropes come up every season — you've got your villains, your crazy stalker, your wifeys … people love to hate."

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"It is clear that we were being painted as the villains from the beginning," Cat said. "Every time we were mic'd for a scene, it was us — Romy, Cat, Alisha — half the girls wouldn't even get a mic on them because they were so boring."

Alisha concluded: "I get that people are angry but telling you to jump off a cliff or to kill yourself, no one deserves that. At the end of the day, it is reality TV."