Meet your Cosmopolitan and Tinder Bachelor of the Year for 2017…

He's the most eligible guy in Australia.

Cosmopolitan and Tinder Bachelor of the Year 2017

The profiles were viewed and the votes have been counted, which means we can finally reveal the winner of Cosmopolitan and Tinder’s Bachelor of the Year.

And it’s…

Ryan Anderson!

The 30-year-old tattooed RSCPA inspector, who had a little help from a furry friend in his Cosmo shoot but won because he’s an all-round amazing guy, definitely falls into the ‘we can’t believe he’s still single’ category. But now everyone knows he’s single, his relationship status could change very soon…

Just in case you come up against his profile on Tinder and want to increase your chances of a match, here’s what Ryan looks out for when he swipes right. It’s also really good advice for anyone who wants to up their Tinder game and take things from ‘textlationship’ to IRL.

He’s in it for a proper relationship: Ryan says, “I swipe left on any profile that has, ‘Just here for a laff,’ or, ‘Looking for a sugar daddy.’ Also, profiles that have no bio, only group shots or sedated animals in the photos.”

What he looks for in your profile pics: “I’m a big fan of people who don’t take themselves too seriously so candid photos are a win as are photos with their pets (I’m a sucker for animal lovers) and action shots.” As for what he’s drawn to, “The most attractive quality in a girl, looks-wise for me is definitely her smile. I’m a sucker for big eyes, nice smile and long hair. However, personality will always trump looks.”

Have a sense of humour: “I do like the funny one-liners people put up – they usually get a right swipe purely for their sense of humour!”

Keep the conversation going: “I would normally initiate the conversation, with ‘D'ya like dags?’ [from the movie Snatch], which usually gets a laugh – or an unmatch! My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn't reply with a question and engage in conversation. Why even match in the first place if you’re not interested in getting to know me?”

And maybe just make the first move: “I love it when a girl makes the first move; it shows they are eager to get to know you – instant brownie points in my book.”

Swooooon. Congrats, Ryan – winner of Cosmopolitan and Tinder’s Bachelor of the Year, and of our hearts.