We're now dating 6 people at once, according to study

Yes, SIX.

By Erin Cook

Question: Are you dating anyone at the moment?

And by anyone, we mean, are you tuning one, two, five or SIX people?

Sure – dating six people might seem like a bit of a stretch. (Especially for those of us who have developed a habit of staying in on a Friday night and eating laksa on the couch… What – that’s just me? Moving on…) But according to a new study by eHarmony, that’s what the singles are doing now-a-days.

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Not only are we dating more people, we’re also being a little less gentle with our prospective partner’s feelings. The study also found that 64 per cent of Australian daters have been ‘ghosted’ by a date in the last 12 months, while 51 percent have ‘ghosted’ to avoid having to handle a break-up.

The research suggests that the influx of choice has left us a bit confused and in dating overdrive. Anyone surprised? Nicole McInnes, Director of eHarmony Australia, says, “The research here and around the world shows there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the outcomes of many dating apps. We want to make sure eHarmony continues to provide a superior service that leads to happier, healthier relationships.”

Interesting, non?