Georgia Love reveals the truth about those 'Bachelor contracts'

She would know.

By Jessica Chandra
Georgia Love Portsea Polo

When it was confirmed in late December that OG The Bachelorette couple Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek had called it quits, we were collectively shocked and devastated.

The news came through their manager Georgina Harrop, who released a statement that said the couple had “just come to the realisation that the best way forward is to separate.”

Sasha then released his own statement on Instagram:

Sam and Sasha were together for 18 months, as the finale of The Bachelorette was filmed in June/July, even though it only aired on TV months later.

Before long there were reports that said the couple actually broke up months before their announcement, but could only officially break up in December because they were locked into an 18-month contract with Network Ten.

Well one person who knows exactly what it’s like to be in Sam and Sasha’s shoes, and would therefore know if there’s truth to any of these contract rumours, is Georgia Love, the newsreader-turned-Australia’s second Bachelorette.

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When asked by Mamamia to comment on Sam and Sasha’s split, and the reports they had to stick it out for 18 months because of a piece of paper they’d signed, Georgia said, “A big thing that came out that really annoyed me, actually, was the reports that Sam and Sasha announced their split after 18 months together because they were contracted to stay together for 18 months.”

Georgia, who’s loved-up with Lee Elliott right now, continued, “I don’t know what contract they had, but I’m pretty sure it would be the same as mine… and there was no contractual obligation whatsoever to stay together for two minutes after the show, let alone for 18 months.”

“So, for the record, there are no contractual obligations.”

And if you think about it, if that contract was in place, it means Sam would have stayed with Blake Garvey (for contractual reasons).

Knowing Sam Frost and how honest she is as a person, she’s not one to fake a relationship because of some dotted line.

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