Meet 'The Bachelor' Nick Cummins' gorgeous ex-girlfriend

The Honey Badger's got game.

By Susannah Guthrie

Before he was dating several ladies at a time as [The Bachelor 2018](The former rugby union player and his ex-girlfriend Martine Strøm Thomassen were together for an impressive five years, zero reality TV producers needed.

So just who is the beautiful, mysterious Norwegian who captured the Honey Badger's heart for so long?

An artist from Oslo, Norway, Martine moved to Western Australia in 2009 to study a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

A year into her stay, she met Nick through his brother, Nathan, after a rugby match. Soon, they were living together in a beachside apartment in Perth.

Martine told Perth Now Nick would regularly play the ukulele while she worked on her paintings. We can very much picture that.

The good-looking roosters in Sydney in 2012.
The good-looking roosters in Sydney in 2012.

But their relationship was not without its struggles. Read: Poor Martine couldn't understand the Honey Badger's particular brand of bizarre larrikin humour.

"I finally came to Australia and thought I was going to learn English but, bloody hell, I had to learn not only Australian but also 'Cummins', which is like a whole different story," Martine told Perth Now in 2015.

For example, when they were dating he literally referred to her as "the hugs and kisses" i.e. "the missus".

So homegirl is now multilingual: She speaks Norwegian, English and Badger.

Still, they managed to make it work for five years before parting ways in 2016.

After splitting with Nick, she relocated to Fukuoka, Japan, for eight months.

On the official website for her art – which usually consists of colourful oil paintings of nature – Martine says she was hit by a car at age 15 and it transformed her view of life and how she expresses herself "as an artist".

Martine with her art (left) and some flowers — possibly from the Badger, possibly not.
Martine with her art (left) and some flowers — possibly from the Badger, possibly not.

Thankfully, the two remain on good terms and Nick still follows Martine on Instagram.

It's unclear whether Nick has had any other serious relationships since he and Martine split, but one of his more recent casual love interests recently spoke out about a date she had with the Bachelor-to-be before filming started.

Katherine Solly, 27, told Daily Mail she had "a really nice night" with the Badge, but couldn't see him again because he told her he'd be "going away for a while to film a show".

Not long now until we find out if Nick managed to find love again, or if he's still confusing potential girlfriends with his weird-yet-hilarious slang.

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