All the evidence The Honey Badger is already single

It’s all in the tenses.

By Katie Stow

While we may have become emotionally invested in all the girls hoping to win the heart of Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins on The Bachelor, we have a terrible feeling that the love story is over before it ever even began.

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Whyyyyyyy? We hear you scream at your screen.

Well, because a savvy Snapchat user caught Nick out and about in his hometown of Manly, Sydney, on the weekend, accompanied by a mystery brunette.

And the brief video footage of the sighting, obtained by The Daily Mail, looks suspiciously like two people leaving a dinner date.

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We know, we know, they could be JUST FRIENDS, but all signs point to a solo Badge on the prowl, especially when you consider that only a few weeks ago the Bachelor himself may have accidentally let slip that he's a single pringle.

While appearing on The Project, Nick was grilled by the panel about his time on the show before they turned to viewer questions. It was then that he was asked, "If you didn't find Mrs. Honey Badger, would you consider asking Sophie Monk out?" he responded with this:

Carrie Bickmore followed up with, "I thought you were both looking for love," before Waleed Aly chimed in with: "I thought he'd already found love?!"

That statement was met with a rather awkward laugh from The Honey Badger…

You can watch the whole fall-out here:

He was then questioned on his moustache, saying that he never wants to shave it off, and that the right woman would be cool with his hairy upper lip. However, he kinda stumbled over that, saying, "We're talking about love here, right? So if it was love, that woman, my woman, would never ask such a thing of me".

The stumble makes us think that he doesn't actually have a woman right now, and is really struggling over what tenses he should be using for these live interviews about a show he filmed months ago and a girl he has potentially already broken up with.