Keira Maguire weighs in on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ rumours and which contestant she’s secretly in love with

Plus who she really doesn’t want to see in ‘Paradise’.

By Katie Stow
Keira Maguire Bachelor In Paradise

We are getting into the thick of it with Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette, but with rumours FINALLY being confirmed that Australia will be getting its very own Bachelor in Paradise, our attention has been turned to who is going to that drama-filled tropical island, and what the hoot is gonna happen when they get there.

We certainly have our fave picks for Bachelor in Paradise already: We want unlucky-in-love Nikki Gogan to find her dream man on the beach, and we wouldn’t mind a bit of ab-time with old mate Jake Ellis, but who we simply can’t live without for Paradise is the OG Bachelor villain, Keira Maguire.

Lucky for us, we had an exclusive chat with Keira when we caught her supporting fellow Bachelor bae, Matty J, at his A.R. launch at Madame Tussauds, and boooooy did she give us the low-down!

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Keira Maguire on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Keira freely admitted that she is in discussions with Channel Ten about appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, but that nothing is confirmed yet. She hinted that she would be looking for more $$$ to appear, so all we have to say is: Osher get some more dollarydoos for her! We need her on the show!

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Keira Maguire on who she doesn’t want to be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Though she can’t officially comment on the upcoming show, she did reveal that she is NOT a fan of old mate Jen Hawke — probably because Jen tried to take Keira’s title of top Bachelor b*tch and the two have had a squabble on social media since Jen was eliminated.

Not that we want to see Keira thrown in the ring with someone she actively dislikes, but man it would make for good TV to see these two go head to head in Paradise. Who knows, they may become unexpected besties?!

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Keira Maguire on who she definitely wants to be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

During our chat, Keira dropped the bombshell that she is kinda massively into Jarrod Woodgate! Yes, Jarrod who is currently on The Bachelorette and is psycho-smitten with Sophie Monk.

We really didn’t see this one coming, but Keira says, “Jarrod is a real gentleman and holds a lot of qualities that I look for in a man.”

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Well, hot damn!

Based off the fact that he is getting a liiiiitle bit to clingy on The Bachelorette and appears to be back on Bumble, we don’t think that he’s going to make it to the end of the series, so perhaps a stint in Paradise may be on the cards for the vineyard manager.

What dates Keira Maguire would want to go on during ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Again, she hasn’t confirmed her appearance on the show, but she did have a little rant about her disappointing dates with Richie Strahan during his season of The Bachelor. If you think back to those episodes, you’ll remember the classic helicopter and yacht dates that we’ve become somewhat expectant of during the show — but poor old Keira missed out on a lavish date, and was ‘treated’ to a yoga session by the side of a motorway.

Needless to say, Keira feels a little cheated by that, so wants the fireworks and the luxury for her future dating life to make up for this little Bachie-faux pas.

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Fingers crossed Jarrod can up the romance and pull out all the stops for Keira on Bachelor in Paradise, if the two make it onto the show.

~Quietly prays to Osher, God of The Bachelor, to get Kiera on the show. Please, for the love of reality TV.~

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