Jake Ellis from 'The Bachelorette' has probably had a worse Valentine's Day than you

We catch up with 'The Bachelorette' contestant.

By Jessica Chandra
Jake Ellis The Bachelorette

If you caught any of The Bachelorette last year, you know who Jake Ellis is. He scored the first single date with Georgia Love, was known for his sweet, sensitive side, and wore lots of black suits. Unfortunately he didn’t make it all the way with Georgia, and was the season’s second runner-up, behind Lee Elliott (the winner) and Matty J, who will most probably be the next Bachelor.

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Jake was heartbroken when Georgia broke up with him, but since then the Gold Coast-based sales guy has mended his heart. In fact, he’s even going to help spread some Valentine’s cheer this Valentine’s Day, by teaming up with crowd-sourced courier company Go People to help deliver roses to lucky, unsuspecting fans.

“I’m happy to team up with Go People,” Jake told Cosmo last week. “We tossed around a few ideas and this is what we came up with for Valentine’s Day. I’m hoping there’s a few Team Jake fans out there who would like to receive a rose. They can dob their friends in at”

When we caught up with Jake we obviously had to ask about the love lessons he learnt from The Bachelorette and whether he’s moved on with anyone else. We also got his advice on some common dating situations, and played a quick round of Word Association.

What are the biggest relationship lessons you took away from being on The Bachelorette?

Biggest relationship lessons? It definitely opened my eyes up to a lot about myself. I feel like I know what I want a lot more now – you spend three months talking about your feelings and your emotions, so you find yourself more in tune with yourself. I know what I want. I’m a little bit more picky.

How will you apply this to your future relationships IRL?

I think I’ll take it step-by-step, rather than actively being out there, constantly worrying myself about trying to find a relationship or ~The One~. I want to let it happen naturally. There’s no point forcing something that’s not there, or chasing something that’s not worth chasing. If it comes along, it comes along, and then just enjoy it from there.

Have you dated anyone since the show?

I’ve had a few dates, but I haven’t been dating anyone. Like I said, if it comes along, it comes along, and there’s a lot of other things happening with my family and work-wise as well. I’m a little bit pre-occupied with that at the moment. But yeah, I’ve had a few dates.

Do the girls recognise you from TV?

I do get a lot of that. It’s dying down a little bit, because there’s been a bit more time, but it’s still very much [happening] in the capitals, like Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. But everyone’s super-friendly, and it still blows me away that people come up to me and know my name, and want to have a photo. I’ve very rarely had a run-in with someone, or someone saying a bad comment. I think it’s happened maybe once or twice in the last six months.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day you’ve had?

I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day! I’ve actually been dumped on Valentine’s Day, over the phone, in high school.

That answers my next question, which was, ‘And the worst?’

Yeah, so I was dumped on Valentine’s Day. I’m really looking forward to this year’s Valentine’s Day, to play a part as Cupid, I guess. And to bring a little Valentine’s cheer and love to people that want to jump on board with myself and Go People, and with what we’re doing.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have given and received?

I don’t know. For me, because Valentine’s Day is a bit more of a special event, it’s the little things, like whether you go somewhere nice, or get roses, or do something special with your significant other. I don’t think I’ve ever actually received a Valentine’s Day present – I’m like sad and lonely! [Laughs] These are the worst questions ever! I think I’m very unlucky with Valentine’s Day. So I haven’t been bought a proper Valentine’s Day gift – but I’m always open to that.

Can you talk me through everyone on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette knows each other?

It’s very strange. I think it’s just the way they cast last year’s season. We all sort of meet at a lot of these events together. A lot of them live in Sydney, and a lot of them make the move here for whatever reason. It just worked out that way. I’ve known Noni for years from the Gold Coast. Matty J’s ex-girlfriend before the show is a family friend of my parents’. Cam’s best friend in Perth is my best friend from Perth. Lee knows people I know in Melbourne. We’re all outgoing people, so we’re all big networkers, and we like to make new friends. It’s the way it worked out.

Ask a Bachelor… With Jake Ellis

Why has a guy who seemed interested in me stopped messaging me, and seemingly disappeared off the planet?

It sounds like a total cliché but he’s obviously not that into you. It’s like the movie.

Should I make the first move if I like someone?

Yes, definitely. I feel like there should be no ‘the guy makes the first move’ or ‘the girl makes the first move’. If it’s there, if it’s there. Just jump at it.

I’ve been seeing someone for a while but I’m just not feeling it. How can I break this to them gently?

Be honest. I think honesty is the best policy because if you drag it on it’s gonna hurt a lot more.

I have a million matches on dating apps but zero action. Help?

Maybe practise your real-life chat with your friends? Because online chat and real-life chat are a little different.

Where are all the guys looking for serious relationships?

Gold Coast. No, they are everywhere, it’s just I feel people need to stop searching for that so quick. If you meet a really nice guy, or you meet a really nice girl, don’t be like, ‘Yep, we’ve gotta start dating, this is the relationship.’ Let it happen.

How can I tell if a guy is looking for a serious relationship?

He’ll do everything he can to talk to you, see you or spend time with you.

How can I tell if something isn’t doing anywhere?

If he keeps blowing you off, keeps stalling, or there’s always an excuse. For both sides. I think everyone can be really harsh on themselves. It depends on the situation.

My biggest advice is: learn from your mistakes. Learn from past things. If something doesn’t work out, you know to go, ‘Well I know not to do that again,’ or, ‘I know not to look for that again.’

What mistakes have you learned from?

I’ve had long-term relationships in the past that didn’t work out, so whatever the reason it didn’t work out I’ve gone, ‘I’m not going to do that again. I won’t put myself through that again.’

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And for a quick round of Word Association…

Rose: Petals.
Group date: Fun.
Georgia: Love.
Osher: … Osher – that’s all I’ve got.
Valentine’s Day: Can hurt.
Love: The dream.
Instagram: Rookie.
Bachelor: Me.
Tinder: Never done it.
Nick Viall: Who the hell’s that? Oh, the Bachelor of America!

Looks like Jake still believes in love!

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