Important: Here’s Jamie from Outlander’s feelings on cutting his ~luscious~ locks

Och no!

By Lorna Gray

We’re pretty sure you’ve Netflixed the crap out of Outlander already. But, if you haven’t, here’s some advice for free:


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Woah, sorry for shouting, but seriously, Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) is the best thing to come out of Scotland since, well, ever [author note: I’m totally Scottish so can say that].

One of his finer features has to be his fiery ~flowing~ hair. (Well, along with his exquisite abs, perfect face and de-kilted derrière, of course.)

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He actually dyes his hair for the show, he’s blonde IRL, but we’re more concerned with whether or not he’ll be trimming it anytime soon.

Speaking to People, Sam has the following to say about his ‘do:

“[Caitriona and my] hair is very much a part of the show,” he says. “It’s all about big hair. Claire’s hair is very unkempt. And same with Jamie. His hair is very much a part of who he is — the colour and the look to him. It’s an honour playing this character for over three years now. It feels like a part of me. It’ll be a sad day when I’ll have to lose it [the hair].”

‘Twill be a sad day indeed, young Jamie.

In happier news, here’s what he had to say about wearing a kilt. Let your dirty minds run amok, people!

“Honestly, there’s so many great benefits of wearing a kilt: It’s very free, it’s got its own aeration and they’re very comfortable,” he says, grinning. “But the best part, for me, honestly, is the swing. You know, the pleats you get in the kilt. I love the swing you get when you walk in it.”

The swing of the pleats you say…? Sorry.

He also said this: “When you sit down on the wet grass and you forget to do the little flick — it’s your bare ass on the ground! Oh, it’s horrible.”

If that’s not enough of a Jamie Fraser daydream for y’all, we highly recommend his hottest Outlander moments below. Welcome!