People cannot handle these photos of a young, hot Justin Trudeau

Damn Canada, your Prime Minister is even hotter than we realised.

By Erin Van Der Meer
People cannot handle these photos of a young, hot Justin Trudeau

Obviously, we already knew that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a ridiculously good looking man and a feminist to boot. What could be sexier?

But now some new photos of Prime Minister Trudeau when he was in his teens or early twenties have surfaced, and we’ve gotta be honest with you: we’re shook.

It’s not known who leaked the pics, but they are definitely of JT when he was younger and just as hot, if not hotter than he is now, and somebody bring us some water because we’re actually ON FIRE.

And according to Twitter, we’re not the only ones: shirtless, long-haired, short-haired, any-haired, the man is a god damn dream.

Trudeau’s appeal is so much more than his dashing good looks, though. The man just keeps clocking up more things to love about him, from his welcoming attitude to Syrian refugees to his gender-balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015”.

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Oh yeah, and his butt went viral recently. Yes, his butt literally went viral and made headlines on many major news websites. You can see why.

But not everyone is going ga-ga for Trudeau. Prince George famously sassed the Canadian Prime Minister by refusing to shake his hand.

George was offered the majestic hand of mangod Justin in a high-five sitch and George totally left him hanging.

That’s right; he refused to high-five the Prime Minister of Canada.

Just call him the Royal Prince of Sass.

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