Keira from 'The Bachelor' says she's had $22K worth of plastic surgery done since the show

And she's shared all the details.

By Jessica Chandra
Keira Maguire The Bachelor

Watching yourself on TV is not a natural thing, LBR. It’s like when you hear a recording of your voice and think, ‘Holy shit I can’t believe that’s what I sound like.’

So imagine watching yourself on TV with a bunch of other babes who are vying for the attention of the same guy as you. (Yes, the show you’re imagining you’re on is The Bachelor.) You’re probably going to zone in on all the features you’ve never really noticed before.

That’s what happened to Keira Maguire, the ~villain~ of Richie Strahan’s series who became well-known for her teeth-licking ways and calling Kiki Morris a “peasant” (#NeverForget). She may come across as super confident, but apparently once she started watching herself on TV her confidence actually took a massive dive.

“The first night I watched the show I was sitting there like, ‘Ew, this is fucked,’ my nose is so bad on camera,” she told NW magazine.

Because she’s “always wanted to be perfect” she turned to cosmetic surgery to change her appearance. She ended up having a nose job, the most invasive type of surgery she’s had, but she’s also had lip fillers, Botox, tattooed her brows and tried vampire facials.

She shared all the details – seriously, ALL the deets – in a diary for NW, including how she woke up every morning “to dripping blood down my throat.”

And then there’s the matter of money, because we all know plastic surgery doesn’t come cheap. Keira tallied the amount she’s spent to over $22,000(!!), and it won’t end there because she wants to get a boob job next.

At least she’s owning it.