Matty J as the next Bachelor is closer to being an actual thing

He's "honoured" people want him to be.

Matty J The Bachelorette

Well, well, well. A few weeks can make a difference, can’t it? Straight after The Bachelorette ended, runner-up (and winner of everyone’s hearts) Matty J made it seem like he wasn’t keen on being the next Australian guy to hand out the roses, because the big job also involves breaking hearts (swoon). Also, considering he’d just had his heart broken on national TV and was experiencing it a second time, who can blame him.

But a few weeks away from the show and his attitude has changed. When asked by the Daily Telegraph if he was up for the role of Bachelor 2017, he said, “I haven’t been asked but the fact that people are even suggesting I could be a good fit for it, I am really honoured by that. There’s definitely things that are appealing about the prospect of going on the show again.”

“Honoured” – hear that?

He then went on about how it would be a pretty hard opportunity to turn down because someone’s already done the culling selecting for you. “To have somebody else give you a selection of 15 to 20 really incredible girls, it is almost like someone else does the hard work for you to give you that shortlist. Going on the show and meeting someone would be really exciting but there’s also a lot of pressure from that too.”

Look, if the Sydney marketing manager DOES want to be the next Bach, he’s doing a pretty good job of marketing himself for the gig with what he’s saying.

How does one get on that shortlist?

Words: Jessica Chandra