Did Matty J just crop ‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2017 winner out of his pic?

Let's investigate.

By Natasha Harding

With The Bachelor Australia 2017 starring Matty J well underway, speculation about the winner is reaching fever pitch. Now fans think they know who the lucky lady is.

Over the weekend Matty J shared a photo on his Instagram alongside his mum, in front of Sydney Harbour. The caption to the pic read ‘Sunday spent hanging with my biggest fan’.

While Matty J’s whole cute hangs with his mum sent our hearts into overdrive, there’s another detail about the post which has everyone losing their shit.

Note: The far left of the pic looks like a classic case of cropping someone out.

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Fans were quick to jump on the detail with one writing, ‘Hehe his right arm is wrapped around Miss Laura!’ Another states, ‘The photo looks purposely cropped. I bet his girl is on the other side. Don’t know how I feel about our man leaving us in the dark like this.’ Same, TBH.

The pic is the latest piece of evidence in the argument which says Laura is the winner of this season. Check out the rest of the signs here and let us know what you think.