19 things you didn't know about Matty J — until now

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we know how to get to Matty’s heart.

By Jessica Chandra

If you watched Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette Australia last year, you know who Matty J is. We’d go as far to say that you probably feel like you know Matty ~pretty well~. (This tends to happen when you fall in love with someone who’s on a TV show, LOL.)

Matty’s heart was broken last year, but this is good news for everyone, because he was snapped up by Channel Ten to be the star of The Bachelor Australia this year, AND we know he finds love at the end. OK, maybe it isn’t good news for everyone…

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Anyway, clear your Wednesday and Thursday nights for the next few months because Matty’s season of The Bachelor Australia kicks off this Wednesday.

To get you excited, here are 19 facts about Matty you probably don’t know yet. You’ll feel like you’re best mates by the time you finish reading this.

Take it away, Matty.

1. When I was growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete of some sort, because I’m a very competitive person and I love sport.

2. My secret talent is cracking my hips. I can also do a backflip, but I can only do it at the beach, on sand. I don’t feel comfortable in any other environment.

3. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be salmon — I love salmon so much, because you can poach salmon, you can pan fry salmon, you can smoke salmon, there’s salmon dip. There’s just so many options with salmon — I love it!

4. The dish I cook to impress a girl is salmon. I’ll bake a salmon — salmon and salad.

5. My guilty pleasures are dark chocolate and cracking my knuckles. Is that gonna cause me arthritis? It’s hard to tell.

6. My first pets were Percy and Rose, two guinea pigs.

7. The thing I missed most about the outside world when I was filming The Bachelor was my family.

8. My celebrity crush is… it’s hard. I’ve thrown out Princess Diana a few times, but I’m going to mix it up, if I may. Jennifer Lawrence because she seems really chilled and down-to-earth, and really funny. I also think she’s beautiful.

9. Before going on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, I used to think it was a unique way to find love. But now it’s a normal way for me!

10. My karaoke song is “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m a terrible singer.

11. I’m really bad at being on time.

12. I used to collect stamps. I got a stamp collector’s kit when I was younger. I probably stopped when I was about 12.

13. The worst job I’ve ever had was probably telemarketing — it was pretty bad. I did it for a little bit with some friends. It’s not the most fulfilling job.

14. The apps I use most on my phone are Instagram and Pinterest. I was looking at tattoos for a while. I’m also looking at amazing overseas destinations and inspiration for interior design.

15. The thing I miss most about living in London is the busyness of the city.

16. My friends and family always tease me for my messy room. It’s bad. It’s terrible. I’m quite a clean person — I feel particularly strongly about a clean kitchen. I’m also very good at unpacking the dishwasher, and packing it back up. But my room is a mess. If there are clothes on the floor I’ll leave them there for a while.

17. The best relationship advice I got was from my mum, and it was: “Follow your heart, but make sure your head’s not too far behind.”

18. The first thing I do when I wake up is I have a scroll on Instagram. It’s bad. I need to stop doing it.

19. The last thing I do before I go to bed is have a scroll on Instagram. I give myself a little five-minute session, but when I say five minutes, it normally drags out to 10 or 15. Sometimes you get stuck in an Instagram vortex.