Meet #SaltBae, the chef bringing women everywhere to orgasm just by seasoning his meats

Literally tho.

By Tess Koman

Perhaps you went to bed hungry last night. Perhaps you woke up, still feeling that deep, unsatisfied hunger. Perhaps, not quite knowing how to quench that hunger, you opened Twitter. You saw him. You ... you felt better.

His name is Nusret Gökçe. He’s a father of nine. He’s very good-looking. He’s a Turkish chef. He owns a slew of steakhouses. For fun, he seasons his steaks on film.

He stands them upright and bends them back over. He slathers them. He salts them until they just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. He very clearly understands food porn and how to manipulate a social media audience.

He has 1 million Instagram followers. They call him #SaltBae. Because he's savory, salty. Because he salts things. They like what he does very much.

He is no #BeanCurdBae. But he is bae. #SaltBae. Bae.

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