Visual proof that The Honey Badger is ridiculously hot

We have photographic receipts.

By Katie Stow

There's a hell of a lot of hype surrounding the dude elected to be The Bachelor. Part of the job description is that they have to be swoon-worthy, hotter-than-hell, and Mr-most-romantic-fella-ever — which is no simple task!

Following in the footsteps of certified dream-boat Tim Robards and goddamn gorgeous Matty J, the 2018 Bachelor had a lot of pressure on him to top both of these guys. o when Australians were told their next Bachelor was going to be Nick Cummins, he news was greeted with a resounding, 'Huh??'

But after getting to know a little more about The Honey Badger himself, we've come to the conclusion that he may just be the best Bachelor yet. He's got a heart of gold — proven by the fact he sacrificed his rugby career to help out his sick Dad and siblings — and underneath that black-tie suit and mop of curly hair, there is one HECK of a rig.

Don't believe us? Scroll through the hottest photos of The Honey Badger below until the penny drops and you've decided he's your dream man.